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The Sugar Labs BugSquad keeps track of current bugs in the Sugar software and tries to make sure that bugs are triaged and handled correctly. The team does not do testing itself. This is done by the downstream projects shipping Sugar. See testing.

You need only be interested in the programming process to be in the BugSquad; in fact it is a great way to return something to the Sugar community if you cannot program. If you have an interest in the programming and development process, you can learn a great deal from the communications of those involved. However, see this thread for what can happen if insufficient respect and deference is applied: http://www.mail-archive.com/devel@lists.laptop.org/msg18897.html.

The squad is modeled on the GNOME BugSquad: https://webstats.gnome.org/Bugsquad/

How bugs are tracked

  • We use trac to keep track of bugs in the Sugar software. The Sugar Labs trac instance can be found at bugs.sugarlabs.org.
  • See BugSquad/Bug Report for an introduction to bug reporting.
  • Other Linux distributions where Sugar runs have their own upstream bug tracking systems.

Upstream bugs

When you find a bug in a package we do not directly maintain, please report it upstream

How to join the squad

As mentioned above, virtually anyone can be helpful. Best way to get started is by reading the BugSquad/Triage Guide and to join us at #sugar on irc.freenode.net.


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