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  • Testing of all forms is welcome.
  • Testing is at the base of discovery.
  • When you try or test something, you learn what it has to offer.

If in the course of your Sugar adventures, you discover something you want to share, you can report on your experiences here under one of the /Reports categories (or create a new one).

If you find software bugs, you can help the Sugar developers and others if you register a bug in our bug tracker.

You will get a wider readership if you also report to the Sugar-devel mailing list.

Page naming convention

When you create a report as a sub page of Testing/Reports/, think of including (but not limited to) some of the following in your page title. Sugar variant | host OS | version | machine. Use the subject of you report at the start of the page title, with other information qualifying the subject. To make your report part of an existing set by title, take, as a start, the beginning of an existing page title, and qualify it with your update.

Testing Groups

Teaching users how to file good bug reports

Users are often the best source of good bug reports (Trac tickets).

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