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===2009-08-19 meeting===
===2009-08-19 meeting===
* [[Deployment Team/Meetings/Minutes/2008-08-19]]
* [[Deployment Team/Meetings/Minutes/2009-08-19]]
===2008-12-10 meeting===
===2008-12-10 meeting===

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The Deployment team will be holding regular bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 14 UTC (9 EST) on irc.freenode.net (channel: #sugar-meeting). Please add to the agenda below and please join in with your ideas.

Hint: You can use an online time calculator to convert from UTC to your local time zone or back.

The Sugar Labs Meetings calendar is available in a variety of formats at these links: XML.gif ICal.gif HTML.gif.

Upcoming Agenda

2009-08-19 meeting

2008-12-10 meeting

2008-10-01 meeting

2008-10-01 meeting

2008-09-24 meeting

2008-09-10 meeting