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Currently, there is no way to connect to a hidden wifi Access-point, as it is (by definition) hidden in the Neighborhood-View. This feature helps connect to such wifi access-points, whose SSIDs are not being broadcasted.


  • Name: Ajay Garg
  • Email: <ajay@activitycentral.com>

Current status

  • Targeted release: DX4
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Workflow Screenshots

Configure the router/access-point, to ensure that the SSID is not being broadcasted

Hnw 1.png

Ensure that there is no wifi-icon in the "Neighborhood-View", for the hidden wifi access-point

Hnw 2.png

Go to "My Settings" -> "Network"; enter the SSID of the hidden wifi network, and restart when prompted

Hnw 3.png

Upon restart, go to "Neighborhood-View"; the wifi-icon for the hidden network is now vissible.

Hnw 4.png

Now, the workflow is the same, as conencting to any "normal" non-hidden wifi-network.





Release Notes

Nothing to be released (yet).

Comments and Discussion

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