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This section of the wiki is for proposing and tracking new Sugar features. As described in more detail on the Policy Page, we have a process by which community ideas on how Sugar should evolve get transformed into actionable proposals.

Upcoming Stable Release Roadmap

The upcoming stable release is Sugar 0.112.

Feature status

Feature Component Proposed by Status
3G Support Sugar Martin Abente Landed
About Me Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Accessibility control panel Sugar Esteban Arias In progress
Accessibility virtual keyboard Sugar Esteban Arias In progess
Activity.info Sugar Toolkit Walter Bender Idea stage
Activity Help Sugar Kalpa Welivitigoda Landed
Activity Objects Sugar Toolkit Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Activity as a regular Journal Object Sugar Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Activity specific metadata in Journal Sugar Walter Bender In progress
Ad hoc Networking Sugar Simon Schampijer Landed
Add Information In About Computer Sugar Gonzalo Odiard Landed
Automatic Proxy Settings Sugar Ariel Calzada In progress
Automatic activity updates Sugar Daniel Drake Landed
Avoid surplus Activity launching Sugar Christoph Derndorfer Obsolete
Background image on home view Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Backup and Restore Sugar Greg Smith Landed
Buddy Positioning Sugar Simon Schampijer In progress
Bug Report Sugar Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Bulletin Board Sugar Walter Bender Obsolete
Can share Sugar Simon Schampijer Idea stage
Change home view name Sugar James Cameron Waiting review
Classroom management Sugar Walter Bender In progress
Clipboard Item Transfer Sugar Simon Schampijer Idea stage
Clock in Frame Sugar Tony Forster In progress
Comment box in journal detail view Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Configuring Hidden Wifi Access Points Sugar Ajay Garg Landed
Connection Indication Sugar Simon Schampijer Idea stage
Content support Sugar Daniel Drake Landed
Cordova Container for Sugar Sugarizer Lionel Laské & Puneet Kaur Landed
Develop Web Sugar Activity Kartik K Perisetla Idea stage
Discovery mode Sugar John Tierney Idea stage
Display Device Sugar Martin Abente Landed
Display section for control panel Sugar Walter Bender Idea stage
Dotted Activity Versions Sugar Simon Schampijer Landed
Edit panel on Frame Sugar Walter Bender Idea stage
Enhanced Gettext Sugar Toolkit Sayamindu Dasgupta Landed
Enhanced color selector Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Evince Introspection Bindings Sugar Activity Gonzalo Odiard Landed
Fast Language Switch Sugar Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Fixing Collab (Tubes) Sugar Toolkit Sam Parkinson Landed
Flash Activities Sugar Toolkit Tomeu Vizoso Landed
Font configuration Sugar Daniel Drake Unknown
Frame Panels Sugar Aleksey Lim Unknown
FreeDesktop integration Sugar Toolkit Sebastian Silva In progress
GObject Introspection Sugar Toolkit Tomeu Vizoso Landed
GTK3 Sugar Tomeu Landed
Global Text To Speech Sugar Gonzalo Odiard Landed
Host Version Sugar Christoph Derndorfer Idea stage
Icon Change Sugar Ignacio Rodríguez Landed*
Improved Accessibility Sugar Tomeu Vizoso Landed
Inquiry learning global chat Sugar Activity John Tierney Idea stage
Introduction Tutorial Sugar Activity Erick Lavoie Landed*
Join Limits Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Journal Entry Sharing Sugar Simon Schampijer Landed
Journal Sort Sugar Andrés Ambrois Landed
Journal Volume Toolbar enhancement Sugar Walter Bender Idea stage
Journal data tagged private or public Sugar Walter Bender, Gonzalo Odiard Idea stage
Keyboard CP Section Sugar Sayamindu Dasgupta Landed
Language keyboard options Sugar Walter Bender Idea stage
Launch Limits Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Lease Information Display Sugar Anish Mangal Unknown
License selection in Journal Sugar Anish Mangal Unknown
Messages Notification Sugar Martin Abente Landed
Metacity Sugar Tomeu Vizoso Landed
Multi XS-server registration Sugar Manash Pratim Das In progress
Multi selection Sugar Ajay Garg Landed
Multiple home views Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Neighborhood List View Sugar Tomeu Vizoso Idea stage
Network control panel Sugar Frederick Grose Landed
New ASLO Infrastructure Sam Parkinson In progress
New Toolbar Design Sugar Toolkit Aleksey Lim Landed
Notification Progress Bar Sugar Sam Parkinson In progress
Notification Replacement Sugar Sam Parkinson In progress
Notification System Sugar Sam Parkinson In progress
Notification Urgency Sugar Sam Parkinson In progress
Object Bundles Sugar Aleksey Lim Unknown
Object Collections Sugar Aleksey Lim Unknown
Onscreen Keyboard Sugar Sayamindu Landed
Optimize TreeViews Sugar Manuel Quiñones and Gonzalo Odiard Landed
Optional activity updates Sugar Martin Abente Lahaye Landed
Optional adhoc autoconnect Sugar Martin Abente Lahaye Landed
Parental controls Sugar Tony Forster Idea stage
Patch workflow Infrastucture ALeksey Lim Obsolete
Peer to Peer Objects Sharing Sugar Aleksey Lim Landed
Plain Query Format Sugar Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Print Support Sugar Daniel Castelo Unknown
Problem Reports Sugar Activity Wade Brainerd Landed*
Proxy Settings Sugar Sascha Silbe Landed
Publish Sugar Version Sugar Gonzalo Odiard Landed
Remove Presence Service Sugar Tomeu Vizoso Landed
Replace GtkMenu Sugar Toolkit Sam Parkinson In progress
Replace combo box in journal search Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Replace combo box in language panel Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Resource monitoring Sugar Fred Grose Unknown
Revised Browse default-bookmarks.html Sugar Activity Mel Chua Landed
Semantic Web Sugar Toolkit Christophe Gueret In progress
Server Objects Sharing Infrastucture Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Show Thumb Drives As Hierarchical Sugar James Simmons Idea stage
Signed Bundles Infrastucture Wade Idea stage
SimpleActivity Sugar Toolkit Agustin Zubiaga Landed
Simple Messages Notification Sugar Martin Abente Landed
Smart Objects Sugar Aleksey Lim Idea stage
SoaS Creation Station Infrastructure Thomas Gilliard In progress
SoaS Remixability Infrastructure Thomas Gilliard In progress
SoaS customization Infrastructure Thomas Gilliard In progress
Social Help Infrastructure Sam Parkinson Landed
Spent Times Sugar Martin Abente Lahaye Landed
Spiral Home View Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Start activity from another activity Sugar Toolkit Manuel Quiñones Landed
Statistics gathering Sugar Toolkit Sebastian Silva Idea stage
Sugar3 Docs Infrastructure Sam Parkinson In progress
Sugar Activity Library on a Stick Infrastructure Tom Gilliard Landed
Sugar Adhoc Networks Sugar Simon Schampijer Landed
Sugar Bundles Sugar Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Sugar Creation Kit DVD Infrastructure Thomas Gilliard Landed
Sugar Update Control ASLO Sugar David Farning Landed
Sync datastore object changes Sugar Simon Schampijer Unknown
TableView Widget Sugar Toolkit Aleksey Lim Obsolete
Tabs In Browse Sugar Activity Tomeu Vizoso Landed
Tags in Journal Sugar Aleksey Lim Landed
Teacher Buddy Sugar Walter Bender In progress
Terminal Sharing Sugar Activity Ben Schwartz Landed
Text To Speech In The Toolkit Sugar Toolkit Gonzalo Odiard Landed
Thumbs View in Journal Sugar Aleksey Lim Landed
Tick based animation Sugar Sam Parkinson In progress
Toolbar utils Sugar Toolkit Walter Bender Obsolete
Touch Sugar Simon Schampijer Landed
Touchpad control panel section Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Transfer to many Sugar Simon Schampijer Landed
Trigger Bundle Add Sugar Martin Abente Lahaye Landed
Unified Browser for Objects Sugar Aleksey Lim Idea stage
Update Favorites Sugar Walter Bender Landed
WPA-WPA2-Enterprise-Network-Connections Sugar Sascha Silbe Landed
WebKit Sugar Activity Daniel Drake Landed
Web services Sugar Walter Bender Landed
Write to journal anytime Sugar Toolkit Walter Bender Landed

See also

For a more organized view of the features, see Category:Feature

More information:

Request New Features | Wish list | Category:Idea | Category:FeatureLanded


Features currently under consideration are described on individual subpages, linked below.
Features/3G SupportFeatures/3G Support/Database SupportFeatures/3G Support/Share
Features/3G Support/TestingFeatures/AboutFeatures/About Me
Features/Accessibility control panelFeatures/Accessibility virtual keyboardFeatures/Activity.info
Features/Activity Help
Features/Activity specific metadata in JournalFeatures/Ad hoc NetworkingFeatures/Ad hoc Networking/Testing
Features/Add Information In About ComputerFeatures/Automatic Proxy SettingsFeatures/Automatic activity updates
Features/Avoid surplus Activity launchingFeatures/Background image on home viewFeatures/Backup and Restore
Features/Backup and Restore/EnhancementsFeatures/Browse JS FiddlerFeatures/Buddy Positioning
Features/Bug ReportFeatures/Bulletin BoardFeatures/Can share
Features/Change home view nameFeatures/Classroom managementFeatures/Clipboard Item Transfer
Features/Clock in FrameFeatures/Comment box in journal detail viewFeatures/Configuring Hidden Wifi Access Points
Features/Connection IndicationFeatures/Content supportFeatures/Cordova Container for Sugar
Features/Develop WebFeatures/Discovery modeFeatures/Display Device
Features/Display section for control panelFeatures/Dotted Activity VersionsFeatures/Edit panel on Frame
Features/Enhanced GettextFeatures/Enhanced Gettext/TestingFeatures/Enhanced color selector
Features/Enhanced color selector/Patch-colorpickerFeatures/Enhanced color selector/Patch-viewFeatures/Enhanced color selector/Patch-window
Features/Enhanced color selector/Patch-xocolorFeatures/Enhanced color selector/TestingFeatures/Enhanced color selector/atch-edit-undo
Features/Evince Introspection BindingsFeatures/Fast Language SwitchFeatures/Feature Template
Features/Feature Template/TestingFeatures/Fixing Collab (Tubes)Features/Flash Activities
Features/Flash Activities/TestingFeatures/Font configuration
Features/FreeDesktop integrationFeatures/GObject IntrospectionFeatures/GTK3
Features/GTK3/API wish listFeatures/GTK3/Desktop Summit activitiesFeatures/GTK3/Development
Features/GTK3/Porting/Typing TurtleFeatures/GTK3/ShellFeatures/GTK3/Shell/GTK3 Port
Features/GTK3/Shell/Hippo RemovalFeatures/GTK3/Shell/Hippo Removal/Testing on the XOFeatures/GTK3/Theme
Features/Global Text To SpeechFeatures/Host VersionFeatures/Icon Change
Features/Improved AccessibilityFeatures/Improved Accessibility/TestingFeatures/Inquiry learning global chat
Features/Introduction TutorialFeatures/Introduction Tutorial/OverlayFeatures/JS Fiddler
Features/Join LimitsFeatures/Journal Entry SharingFeatures/Journal Entry Sharing/Testing
Features/Journal SortFeatures/Journal Volume Toolbar enhancement
Features/Journal data tagged private or publicFeatures/Journal features for 0.96Features/Journal features for 0.96/Education Team Talks
Features/Keyboard CP SectionFeatures/Keyboard CP Section/TestingFeatures/Language keyboard options
Features/Launch LimitsFeatures/Lease Information DisplayFeatures/License selection in Journal
Features/Messages NotificationFeatures/MetacityFeatures/Metacity/Testing
Features/Multi selectionFeatures/Multi selection screenshots
Features/Multiple home viewsFeatures/Multiple home views/TestingFeatures/Multiple schoolserver registration
Features/Neighborhood List ViewFeatures/Network control panelFeatures/Network control panel/Testing
Features/Network statusFeatures/New ASLOFeatures/New ASLO/Testing
Features/New Toolbar DesignFeatures/New Toolbar Design/TestingFeatures/Notification Progress Bar
Features/Notification ReplacementFeatures/Notification SystemFeatures/Notification Urgency
Features/Object CollectionsFeatures/Obsolete/Ad hoc Networking
Features/Obsolete/Ad hoc Networking/TestingFeatures/Onscreen KeyboardFeatures/Optimize TreeViews
Features/Optional activity updatesFeatures/Optional adhoc autoconnectFeatures/Parental controls
Features/Patch workflowFeatures/Peer to Peer Objects SharingFeatures/Plain Query Format
Features/PolicyFeatures/Print SupportFeatures/Problem Reports
Features/Problem Reports/TestingFeatures/Proxy SettingsFeatures/Publish Sugar Version
Features/Remove Presence ServiceFeatures/Remove Presence Service/TestingFeatures/Replace GtkMenu
Features/Replace combo box in journal searchFeatures/Replace combo box in language panelFeatures/Resource monitoring
Features/Revised Browse default-bookmarks.htmlFeatures/Revised Browse default-bookmarks.html/TestingFeatures/Save-As
Features/Semantic WebFeatures/Semantic Web/TestingFeatures/Server Objects Sharing
Features/Sharing Journal Entries Via School ServerFeatures/Show Thumb Drives As Hierarchical
Features/Signed BundlesFeatures/SimpleActivityFeatures/Simple Messages Notification
Features/Smart ObjectsFeatures/Smart Objects/Shared ActionsFeatures/SoaS Creation Station
Features/SoaS RemixabilityFeatures/SoaS Remixability/TestingFeatures/SoaS customization
Features/SoaS nextFeatures/Soas V5/
Features/Social HelpFeatures/Spent TimesFeatures/Spiral Home View
Features/Spiral Home View/TestingFeatures/Start activity from another activityFeatures/Statistics gathering
Features/Sugar3 DocsFeatures/Sugar3 Docs/How To Write
Features/Sugar 0.90Features/Sugar Activity Library on a StickFeatures/Sugar Activity Library on a Stick/Testing
Features/Sugar Bundles
Features/Sugar Creation Kit DVDFeatures/Sugar Screenshot Dialog PopupFeatures/Sugar Update Control ASLO
Features/Sugar Update Control ASLO/TestingFeatures/Sync datastore object changesFeatures/TableView Widget
Features/TableView Widget/TestingFeatures/Tabs In BrowseFeatures/Tabs In Browse/Testing
Features/Tags in JournalFeatures/Teacher BuddyFeatures/Terminal Sharing
Features/Text To Speech In The ToolkitFeatures/Tick based animation
Features/Toolbar utilsFeatures/TouchFeatures/Touch/Development
Features/Touch/Programming TipsFeatures/Touch/TestingFeatures/Touch/Testing os11
Features/Touch/Testing os6Features/Touch/Testing os8Features/Touchpad control panel section
Features/Touchpad control panel section/TestingFeatures/Transfer to manyFeatures/Transfer to many options
Features/Transfer to many screenshotsFeatures/Trigger Bundle Add
Features/Update FavoritesFeatures/WPA-WPA2-Enterprise-Network-ConnectionsFeatures/WPA-WPA2-Enterprise-Network-Connections/Testing
Features/WebKitFeatures/WebKit/DevelopmentFeatures/Web services
Features/Web services/TestingFeatures/Write to journal anytimeFeatures/Write to journal anytime/Testing