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Testing the theme

We are comparing the look of these test activities:

The one using GTK+3 had a local CSS, with rules that were added to the CSS in sugar-artwork-gtk3. The latter can be found here:

Now, the GTK+3 test activity is using the sugar-artwork CSS.


Reference, Gtk 2
Gtk3, 2012-02-09

The screenshots were taken in XO 1.5 with os2 of olpc.

GtkRadioButton, GtkCheckButton

  • SVGs made for the button variants, (normal, normal and selected, active, active and selected). The images seem to be cutted in the edges. DONE
  • check if other variants are needed (inconsistent, insensitive) DONE


Check the look of the color selector palette. Add it to the test activities. VERIFY

Selected text

Check the style of the selected text and also the style when the selected text is being drag. VERIFY


SVG for the slider sketched, two variants (normal and active). Bar rounded.


  • theme up and down arrows with SVG (only possible in GTK git and gnome-themes-standard git, will be packaged for gnome 3.3.3, 19th december)


  • style down arrow with SVG, seems not possible at the moment (maybe same issue as GtkSpinButton?)

Style description

Description text should be black. See screenshot. DONE

Style Sugar alert

The numbers in the countdown are white, should be black. Currently they are not visible because the background circle is white too. Test downloading a file with Browse.