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Basic Usage

  • This feature helps share Journal/Documents/Mounted-Drives' entries across XOs, via the following two mechanisms ::

    • Peer-to-Peer mode
      • Sharing in this mode is possible, only when the server and client XO(s) are on the same networks. Thus, peer-to-peer sharing would work on
        • XOs connected to the same Access Point.
        • Adhoc-Network connections.

    • Via-School-Server mode
      • In this mode, an XO uploads an entry to the central School Server; from where the client XO(s) may download the entry.
      • This mode of sharing works as long as the School-Server is HTTP-pingable between the server and client XOs. Thus, this mode of sharing would work when
        • XOs are connected to the same Access Point (as long as school-server is pingable throughout).
        • XOs are connected to the different Access Points (as long as school-server is pingable throughout).
        • XOs are conencted to Adhoc-Network (as long as school-server is pingable throughout).


  • Plan Ceibal
    • For supporting this feature development.

  • Sascha Silbe silbe@activitycentral.com
    • Initial Proposal for the solution based on WebDAV.

  • Anish Mangal anish@activitycentral.com
    • Showed why simply accessing the webdav shares via "Browse" activity won't work.
    • The reason is that accessing Sugar-WebDAV shares via "Browse" (or in any browser), would show only the availability of files. But a Sugar-entry is more than just the (data) file; it is a combination of
      • Metadata-file
      • Data-file
      • Preview-file (optional)
    • Also, the current workflow conforms to the sugar look-and-feel too. (Thanks again Anish).

  • Ruben Rodriguez ruben@activitycentral.com
    • Feedback on the "peer-to-peer" mechanism; now when the user clicks "Access Share", the user is directly taken to the newly mounted remote-share view.

  • Nitika Mangal nitika@activitycentral.com
    • Testing

  • David Rodriguez daroal@activitycentral.com
    • Testing

Example Workflow for Peer-To-Peer Mode


    • An entry present in "Local Shares", is available to other peers, when the peer(s) mount this XO's shares.
    • Note that the entries present in "Local Shares", have nothing to do with the entries present in "School Server Shares".
    • In the following screenshots' example, "PEER 2" mounts the shares of "PEER 1"; and uses that to copy entries onto its own XO. Thus, the entry is copied from XO-of-PEER-1 to XO-of-PEER-2.


[PEER 1] "Journal" - View.


[PEER 1] Detail view of the journal-entry. Note the preview presence.


[PEER 1] Initial "Local Shares" View


[PEER 1] Copy the journal entry to "Local Shares", to make it available for sharing to other peers.


[PEER 1] "Local Shares" view, after copying the entry.


[PEER 1] The detail view in "Local Shares". NOTE that the preview MUST be present, and it must be same as that of "Journal".


[PEER 2] Initial "Journal" - View.


[PEER 2] Neighborhood View.


[PEER 2] Click on "Access Share" of the peer, whose shares need to be accessed.


[PEER 2] The peer's shares are mounted.


[PEER 2] Copy the entry to the journal.


[PEER 2] Final "Journal" View.


[PEER 2] Detail-view of the entry. Note that the preview is the same as was on the remote peer.


Example Workflow for Via-School-Server Mode


    • An entry present in "School Server Shares", is available to all the XOs. There isn't any mounting or anything required as such.
    • Note that the entries present in "School Server Shares", have nothing to do with the entries present in "Local Shares".
    • In the following screenshots' example, an XO uploads an entry to the school-server, and then downloads the same. HOWEVER, NOTE THAT ANY XO WOULD BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE ENTRY PRESENT ON THE SCHOOL-SERVER, AND NOT ONLY NECESSARILY THE UPLOADER.


[UPLOAD] Initially, no entries are present on the school-server.


[UPLOAD] Choose an entry to upload to the school-server.


[UPLOAD] Enter the pasphrase when prompted.


[UPLOAD] After uploading, ensure that the entry has in fact been uploaded to the school-server.


[DOWNLOAD] Initial "Documents" view.


[DOWNLOAD] Choose to copy the entry from school-server, to "Documents".


[DOWNLOAD] Enter (incorrect) password.


[DOWNLOAD] 'Passphrase not match' error occurs.


[DOWNLOAD] Try copying again.


[DOWNLOAD] Enter (correct) password.


[DOWNLOAD] Confirm that the entry has been successfully downloaded.


[DOWNLOAD] Ensure that in the detail view, the uploader-details are present.



  • Inter-copying an entry between Journal/Documents/Mounted-Drives/Local-Shares/School-Server-Shares should behave in the same way. For eg, in the peer-to-peer mode, it was shown that the source-entry (on PEER-1) had a preview; the same was true when the entry finally arrived on PEER-2. In particular, the preview should "go along" as and when the entry goes, intra-XO or inter-XO.
  • Things should work fine, irrespective of the fact that whether the sharing is done via single-mode, or batch-mode.