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The 3G connectivity availability was only the first step. Next step consist in giving teachers and students an easy-to-use mechanism to share this resource to their community. This feature is a popular request from many deployments, including Paraguay and Uruguay.


Current status

  • Targeted release: (0.9x)
  • Percentage of completion: 50% (code review stage)

Detailed Description

Provide a easy-to-use mechanism to share 3G connection over wireless network. This can be easily done using network manager's native functionalities through custom adhoc networks.

Benefit to Sugar

Extend connectivity capabilities.


sugar/extensions/deviceicon/network.py (frame device icon source)

UI Design

Guess we should follow the same metaphor that is being used on activities. A single button with the "private" or "My Neighbourhood" label,

Gsm share state0.png Gsm share state1.png

How To Test

Features/3G Support/Share/Testing

User Experience

1. Plug GSM modem.

2. Click on "Connect" item on GSM device palette

3. When connected, a new item should de displayed in the GSM palette.

4. Toggling this new item should enable or disable a custom shared adhoc network over wireless (wifi) device.


Network Manager 0.7 or newer.

Contingency Plan

Work harder.


The use of this feature should be straightforward.

Release Notes

Nothing to be released (yet).

Comments and Discussion

Please follow the DESIGN discussion at the sugar-devel list.