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Keyboard Control Panel Section


Keyboard layout and model configuration support in the Control Panel


Current status

  • Targeted release: 0.86
  • Last updated: 19th August, 2009
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed Description

The control panel extension will allow users to choose and modify their keyboard model and layout settings graphically without going into XKB internals. Ticket 407 provides some more information on the issue (including a discussion on what options to expose).

Benefit to Sugar

  • Users in multilingual environment will find it easy to use the layout for their own language in Sugar
  • Users using somewhat different keyboards (eg: the one shipped with the Classmate PC) will be able to choose their keyboard model easily from the control panel
  • Some (OLPC) deployments have been asking for a way to permanently change the keyboard layout - this will be only possible if Sugar decides to manage the keyboard layouts on its own, which this feature would provide.


  • Implemented as a Control Panel extension using bindings for libxklavier, a high-level library for manipulating XKB settings
  • The Sugar startup code will be affected to enable the keyboard layouts during startup

How To Test

Features/Keyboard CP Section/Testing

  • Layout configuration can be tested by enabling new layouts and typing inside Activities, etc. (Write and Browse should provide ideal test cases.)
  • Model selection needs access to different types of keyboard hardware. Choose the exact vendor and model of your keyboard and test if all keys work as expected.

User Experience

Users will see a new section inside the control panel marked as "Keyboards".


  • libxklavier (this is shipped by all major distributions since it is used by GNOME (and probably KDE as well) for keyboard configuration.
  • libxklavier-python (this is a new binding, and work on it has been completed (ie: it is release worthy)). This needs to be packaged for various distributions. Also python-xklavier depends on the latest bleeding edge version of libxklavier. However, this version of libxklavier has been proposed for GNOME 2.28, so I expect version 4.x of libxklavier to be in all distributions when we ship 0.86.

Contingency Plan

None necessary, revert to previous release behaviour.


Ticket 407

Release Notes

The keyboard configuration section in the control panel lets user graphically change the layout settings of the keyboard, and also lets users choose the keyboard model that they have.

Comments and Discussion