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Pages to be opened in new windows are opened in a small pop-up window without any controls at the moment. This feature opens those pages in a new tab inside the activity window.


Current status

  • Targeted release: 0.86
  • Last updated: August 14th 2009
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed Description

New pages will open in a new tab similarly to other browsers, though this feature isn't proposing any way for the user to explicitly open any link in a new tab.

Benefit to Sugar

Some sites expect that new pages will open in a window with the same navigation capabilities of the main window. Currently those sites break when new pages are opened in dialog-like windows.


It requires changes in the Browse activity and in Hulahop (which is only used currently by Browse).

How To Test

Features/Tabs In Browse/Testing

Go to a web page with links that open in new windows and check that after clicking on such a link, a new tab is created and the new page loaded there. Switch between tabs and check that the address bar changes accordingly and the buttons affect the current tab.

User Experience

Links that used to open in a new window will open in a new tab inside the main window.


The maintainer of Hulahop and Browse need to accept the patches.

Contingency Plan

None necessary, revert to previous release behaviour.


None other than this page.

Release Notes

Links that would open in a new window now open in new tabs inside the main activity window, so they don't loose the toolbar, nor notifications, etc.

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