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This page includes repo details and how to get sugar-jhbuild set up with the GTK3 work.


jhbuild setup

All the changes have been landed in the master branches. Make sure you have the sugar-toolkit-gtk3 repository checked out and installed. There has been a fix in pygobject. Either compile/install the master branch or in F16 you can install as well the recent pygobject3 release.

Pending work

  • shortcuts in palettes: button tooltips should show the shortcut, if any, next to the tip. Like in the Stop button, "Stop Ctrl+Q"
  • title in menus (e.g. 'Back' in the Browse back button palette)


  • take screenshot: the code has to be ported to cairo, see _get_screenshot in Browse as an example
  • toolbars: finish the sub-toolbar look-alike like in gtk2
  • finish porting the 'do_expose_event' calls to 'do_draw' calls


Pending upstream work

All of these have been worked around (or will be worked around) for now, at the sugar level.