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SOAS Deployement Settings Definition


Current status

  • Targeted release: (0.88)
  • Last updated: (2009 Nov 24)
  • Percentage of completion: 1%

Detailed Description

In order to support deployements activities the standard SOAS image should allow a limited degree of personalization for basic settings.

This page would be the start of a documentation effort aimed to document those basic interfaces:

Benefit to Sugar

  • to ease the personalization efforts from field organizations
  • to avoid regression issues related to personalization done in the wrong places
  • to ease peacefully coexistance between personalization needs and bugfixing/support activities


Actually will be mostly a documentation effort - no impact on code in this phase.

How To Test

Features/SoaS customization/Testing

User Experience

Users will have the opportunity to work in their native language from the initial experience of Sugar rather than having to initially wade through English-language menus.



Contingency Plan

If we don't complete this feature, it can be left out. Nothing else depends upon it.


This is common practice now on several GNU/Linux distros, e.g., Ubuntu 9.10

Release Notes

Comments and Discussion