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Sugar Hotkeys

  • F1 for Neighborhood view (wireless network view), See Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Zoom Metaphor.
  • F2 for Groups view,
  • F3 for Home view,
  • F4 for Activity view,
  • Alt + Tab to change between Activities,
  • Alt + Shift + Tab to change between Activities backwards,
  • Alt + 1 to make a screenshot, saved to Journal,
  • Alt + Shift + f or F6 (in Sugar 0.90 or later) to make the frame appear and disappear,
  • Alt + Shift + o or F5 (in Sugar 0.90 or later) to switch to the Journal,
  • Alt + Shift + v to view source,
  • Ctrl + c to copy to clipboard,
  • Ctrl + v to paste from clipboard,
  • Ctrl + z to undo,
  • Ctrl + q to quit an activity,
  • Esc to close the View Source dialog.

Some old activities have a bug, and ignore Ctrl + q, please report them.

Emulator Hotkeys

  • Alt + Shift + q to quit Sugar, for use in sugar-build, or if the environment variable SUGAR_DEVELOPER is defined,

Some of the Sugar hotkeys may not work in an emulator.


Terminal Hotkeys

The Terminal activity must pass all Ctrl keys to the shell, so all the Sugar hotkeys starting with Ctrl must also have Shift pressed:

  • Ctrl + Shift + c = copy to clipboard
  • Ctrl + Shift + v = paste from clipboard
  • Ctrl + Shift + q = quit activity

Turtle Art Hotkeys

  • Alt + p = palette;
  • Alt + b = blocks;
  • Alt + r = run;
  • Alt + w = walk;
  • Alt + s = stop;
  • Alt + e = erase the screen.

The undiscoverables

Keys that don't work but should

  • Esc doesn't appear to do anything at the activity level ... if Sugar is to help kids learn about computers then they should know that escape, outside of Sugar, does a lot of stop-gap good. Is there no 'Esc' on OLPC machines?
Try using the Ctrl + Esc combination. --Dennis Daniels 15:15, 9 August 2009 (UTC)

See also

The olpc:Keyboard shortcuts for the OLPC XO-1.