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# [[User:Tomeu | Tomeu Vizoso]]
# [[User:Tomeu | Tomeu Vizoso]]
# [[User:Walter | Walter Bender]]
# [[User:Walter | Walter Bender]]
# [[User:dfarning | David Farning]]
== TODO ==
== TODO ==

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SugarCamp Bolzano 2009

Event Details

The SFScon 2009 will be held from the 7th to 12th November 2009 in Bolzano, Italy. As part of free software week the TIS will host a Sugarcamp. A GNOME Hackfest will happen during that week as well. The camp fits quite well in our release cycle (0.88 planning/hacking) and having the GNOME Hackfest next door will hopefully create nice synergies.


  • 0.88 roadmap
  • can we be concrete in better leveraging the greater GNOME community?
  • ...

How to get there?

There are great instructions on the freesoftwareweek.org page.

Sugar Organizer

David Farning will be organizing the Bolzano Sugarcamp 2009.


Are you planning to attend? Add your name and contact info below!

  1. Simon Schampijer
  2. Tomeu Vizoso
  3. Walter Bender
  4. David Farning




There are some offers on the freesoftwareweek.org page.


Saturday, November 7

to be determined

Sunday, November 8

to be determined

Monday, November 9

to be determined

Tuesday, November 10

to be determined

Wednesday, November 11

to be determined

Thursday, November 12

to be determined

Topics ideas

  • Zeitgeist and Journal
  • Performance and memory usage (cairo, rsvg, gtk+, etc)
  • PyBank, Vala and GObject introspection
  • Fix Evince's page cache
  • Specify the Gtk+ theme in CSS and allow users to edit it from Sugar (gtk-css-engine)
  • ...


link your photos, add your comments here