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Add an Event

Would you like to represent Sugar Labs at an event near you? Follow this simple process.

  1. Create a new page on the wiki, using User:Gdk/Events/PyCon2009 as an example.
  2. Link to the event in the #Upcoming Events section, below.
  3. Send an email to events at sugarlabs dot org to have the event added to the official Google calendar of events. account holders may follow these instructions.

Events: Google Calendar

Sugar community events are posted in a public calendar within the Google Calendar system. The calendar is available in a variety of formats: XML.gif ICal.gif HTML.gif.

Upcoming Events

Sugar Labs has committed to having a presence at the following events.

Date Event Location Owner Details
2011-05-11 – 2011-05-14 LinuxTag 2011 Berlin, Germany Raffael Reichelt LinuxTag 2011
2011-05-05 – 2011-05-07 Uruguay Summit 2011 Uruguay
2011-04-30 – 2011-05-05 Conozco Uruguay Tour Uruguay
2011-03-?? – 2011-03-?? Tour of Uruguay (use sidebar Google translation to English, if necessary) Uruguay User:walter
2009-06-09 – 2009-06-12 LinuxTag 2010 Berlin, Germany Simon Schampijer LinuxTag 2010
2010-04-03 – 2010-04-17 Science Fest 2010 Edinburgh, UK Gary C Martin Science Fest 2010
2010-01-18 – 2010-01-23 LCA2010 website Wellington, NZ Tabitha Roder LCA2010
2009-11-22 NYSCATE 2009 Rochester, NY USA Stephen Jacobs & Gerald Ardito NYSCATE 2009 Session page
2009-11-07 – 2009-11-12 SFScon 2009 Bolzano, Italy SugarCamp Bolzano 2009
2009-11-06 – 2009-11-07 Kiwi PyCon 2009 Christchurch, New Zealand Tim McNamara KiwiPyCon 2009 is New Zealand's general Python conference
2009-10-27 – 2009-10-29 MassCUE near Boston, MA, USA MassCUE 2009
2009-06-28 – 2009-07-01 NECC 2009 Washington DC, USA NECC 2009
2009-06-24 – 2009-06-27 LinuxTag 2009 Berlin, Germany Simon Schampijer LinuxTag 2009
2009-03-25 – 2009-04-02 PyCon 2009 Chicago, IL, USA Greg DeKoenigsberg PyCon 2009
2009-02-07 – 2009-02-08 FOSDEM 2009 Brussels, Belgium Christoph Derndorfer FOSDEM 2009
2009-01-19 – 2009-01-24 09 Hobart, Tasmania Walter Bender LCA 09
2008-12-02 – 2008-12-05 Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) Sydney, Australia Joel Stanley OSDC 2008
2008-11-24 – 2008-11-26 Victorian IT Teachers Association (VITTA) conference Melbourne, Australia Joel Stanley VITTA 2008
2008-11-13 – 2008-11-14 South Tyrol Free Software conference (SFScon) Bolzano, Italy Walter Bender SFScon 08
2008-10-27 – 2008-10-30 ESC 2008 Boston, MA, USA Bernie Innocenti Constructionist learning with Sugar and the Beagle Board
2008-10-26 – 2008-10-28 Sarasota International Design Summit Sarasota, FL, USA Walter Bender Sarasota Design Summit


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