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  • Monday, November 17, 2008
  • 6:30pm - 10pm (we will order food together at the beginning; bring your own $ for dinner)
  • One Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142 (at the corner of Broadway and 3rd, by the Kendall T stop)
  • Call Mel Chua to be let in when you arrive - 847.970.8484


For developers

This is a "new Sugar coders hackfest" evening, where people can come to learn about making Activities - bring a project you want to work on, and we'll have people from the core Sugar team around to help, teach, answer questions, run impromptu tutorials, and make tools/patches as needed to ease the entry route for new coders.

For non-developers

We're also looking for people who won't be coding that night to sprint with David Farning on community infrastructure setup. Problems to tackle include building a Newbie Welcome Wagon package, handling licensing of both content and Activity bundles, documentation and testing systems, and more.


Sign up if you're coming, so we know how many to expect- tentatives and drop-ins are ok, but make things much harder to plan for. Also let us know (in parentheses) what you'll be doing!

  • Marco (on-site mentor, Sugar Activity development)
  • Tomeu (on-site mentor, Sugar Activity development)
  • Dfarning (on-site mentor, infrastructure and documentation)
  • Mchua (hackathon coordinator, working on Larry, a language-learning Activity)
  • Yifan + others from Olin, may drop by to check things out
  • Owen Williams (PenguinTV, may be a little late)
  • Tom Boyle (StarChart, focusing on localization)
  • Wade (Sugar Activity development)
  • Brian Jordan (Sugar Activity development, Pippy love)
  • Amanda Peyton (MIT Sloan project looking at the SugarLabs organizational structure)
  • Ryan Kabir (new development contributor to Sugar, looking for a place to start)
  • Brendan Powers (new contributor,looking for something simple to get used to the project)
  • Chris Ball (from 7:30)
  • Erik Blankinship (updating the Map Activity)

Stuff to hack on

  • Spreadsheet activity:
  • Mind mapping activity:
  • Make the Sugar shell react to changes in the ~/Activities dir using inotify.
  • A quiz game with competitive collaboration (cjb) -- e.g. generate arithmetic problems, have a shared countdown, and then the first person to answer correctly gets the most points. Generalizable to quizes about non-math stuff too.
  • A simple searching game: "hot/cold" where the XO is hiding somewhere on the screen (not displayed) and as the cursor moves closer or farther from the XO, the computer responds warmer/colder or hot/cold.

To do

Let Mchua (mel at laptop dot org) know if you can help!

  • Get a location with wifi, projectors, and ready access to food (which probably means "order pizza, then ask everyone if they can chip in a few dollars when it comes).
  • make invitations and send them out
  • find some way to make nametags for everybody (Actually, we probably won't need these - we're small enough.)
  • make sure that the location gets set up (chairs, tables, etc.) and taken down/cleaned-up afterwards
  • send thank-you follow up emails after the event encouraging people to come to the rest of Sugarcamp