Marketing Team/Events/MiniCamp Paris 2009/Christoph's Notes

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Here's a list of notes from the various sessions and discussions I attended here at Marketing Team/Events/MiniCamp Paris 2009.


School Server

  • XS-0.6 is looking sweet;-)
  • timeframe for 0.6: July (?)
  • bootable SD card to turn an (unlocked) XO into an XS
  • improved ejabberd setup


  • need a maintainer for the Sugar branch (!)
  • GCompris admin interface and student progress => something we need for all Sugar activities

OLPC Quebeque

  • get template of 'in-school-use document'

Sugar 0.86

  • information subject of change so take it with a grain of salt and await details and confirmation from the actual development team
  • estimated release: end of September, to coincide with...
    • GNOME 2.28 (final release: Sept. 23)
    • Fedora 12 release (final freeze: Sept. 22, final release: Nov 3rd)
  • considerations about how to include the artefacts produced by the Google Summer of Code projects (=>communicate with GSoC students and mentors)
  • focus on bug fixes
    • clean up and consolidation of Trac
  • switch from Matchbox to Metacity
  • toolbars: redesign of default view
  • experimentation with new features (mostly in terms of designs and concepts, not necessarily implemented in Sugar-core code)
    • Group view
    • reward system
    • audio subsystem
  • general discussion on the question of what features are important (input from deployments and pilot sites is badly needed)

Random Discussions

  • How can European grassroots initiate and run successful Sugar pilot?
  • frameworks, frameworks, frameworks
  • Uruguay contact (Italian students)
  • improve research angle, collect related information and contacts from around the world

Organization of similar future events

General thoughts

  • 2 Sugar focused days as minimum (4 days as a maximum)
  • WiFi needs to be available all the time
  • location should have one large room to assemble everyone, smaller seperate spaces to get work done
  • food and drinks should be available (Lebanese food prefered;-)
  • don't put too much strain on one person (e.g. Sean during Sugar Camp Paris 2009)
  • make it possible for remote contributors to attend during the event


  • announce meeting date and location in due time
  • find sponsorship for event
  • find suitable location for meetups
  • find accomodation for attending people (Urban Camping)
  • announce rough agenda in due time

During Event

  • introductory round at the beginning of the day (esp. when new people are present)
  • announce how remote contributors can attend during the event
    • preferably organize a certain time-slot (e.g. mid-day and/or at the end of the day)
  • end with what people liked and didn't like


  • follow up on what was discussed
  • make summaries of what was discussed available to the larger community