Marketing Team/Events/Sugarcamp Boston 2008/Proposals

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Here are all the proposals made to devel@, sugar@, and iaep@, grouped by proposer. I've grouped proposers by expected Sugarcamp attendance, but performed no other filtering.

Expended to attend

C. Scott Ananian

Chris Ball

Walter Bender

  • Portfolio (Walter Bender)

Edward Cherlin

  • Textbooks (Edward Cherlin) Also, all of the holes in the entire enterprise. Electricity, Internet, microfinance,...

Mel Chua

Eben Eliason

Paul Fox

Erik Garrison

Marco Gritti

Bernardo Innocenti

Greg de Koenigsberg

Martin Langhoff

  • Printing (Martin Langhoff)
  • School Server Update (Martin Langhoff)

Yamandu Ploskonka

Michael Stone

Tomeu Vizoso

Possibly attending via telephone

Morgan Collett

Sayamindu Dasgupta

Not known to be attending

Mikus Grinbergs

Carlos Mauro

Deepak Saxena