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Requested topics

Go ahead and add the things you think should be addressed.

  • Supporting deployments
    • Backporting from 0.84 to 0.82
    • A path to 0.84 and beyond (F11, F12)
  • Feedback loops from teachers / educators to developers (and vice versa)
  • Software framework for
    • Recording children's progress
    • Evaluating the progress
    • Dynamically adapting activities to a child's capabilities
    • Accesibility.

More potential discussion topics (in shorthand)

  • Empowering Parent-Teacher-College Student partnership to pilot Sugar in Schools, after schools and in informal groups (like families) in the developed world for School Year 09-10.
  • Volunteer Recruitment, Pipeline and Leadership development
  • Home View reorg
  • future of .xol files
  • svg editor
  • tabbed browser
  • kb shortcuts
  • SSB
  • printing
  • accessibility
  • ad hoc networking/ future of NM
  • Sugar Instances to Demo a Virtual Class
  • Bulletin board
  • edit XO icon
  • Support for future releases
    • SoaS
    • OLPC/XO
    • Other distros
  • Support for migrations
  • QT port
  • other devices
    • phones
    • ARM
    • MIPs
  • SL supported deployments
  • Fund raising
  • Long-term stability
  • Teacher outreach
  • Partnerships
  • Local labs
  • Opportunities
  • SL infrastructures
  • <add more here>

Friday the 15th

Saturday the 16th

Saturday afternoon, IRC chat with La Paz - Bolivia Technology Fair - [User:Yamaplos]

We'll be meeting in conjunction OLPC France at from 10–19 UTC+1

Sunday the 17th

We'll meet from 10–19 UTC+1

La Ruche

84 quai de Jemmapes
75010 Paris
Tél.:+33 (0)1 48 03 92 00

La Ruche ("The Beehive") describes itself as a "living laboratory". It's an alternative space which provides office infrastructure and support in a relaxed environment for ethical entrepreneurs ("social business").

Their meeting room has a capacity of 30 people and is equipped with wifi, videoprojector, and whiteboard. Outside the meeting room is a lounge area conducive for informal discussions.

They are located along the charming Canal Saint Martin a short walk from Place de la République. Film buffs will recognize the Hôtel du Nord. Many restaurants and cafés are in the vicinity.