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Devin Ulibarri teaches as faculty for the Preparatory and Continuing Education schools at New England Conservatory and is co-creator, with Walter Bender and all of the wonderful students from around the globe, of Music Blocks, a software libre tool for exploring music's fundamental concepts. Music Blocks software is currently being considered for Japan's national coding curriculum in 2020. Music Blocks development for 2020 is being done in partnership with Gakken, a major Japanese publishing company with funding from Japan's Ministry of Economics Trade and Industry.

Ulibarri has been involved in SugarLabs for about 4 years now. He fully commits to its mission to put education at the forefront of education technology and its commitment to empowering students with powerful tools for learning as well as the means, methods, and agency needed to maximize the learning potential.

Ulibarri has been a committed mentor for Google Summer-of-Code and Google Code-in for 4 years and just recently represented SugarLabs at the 2018 Google Summer-of-Code mentor summit.

Ulibarri envisions a SugarLabs that involves educators, students, and school administrators alike in the process of our tool development and broader community.