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It would be good if unsupervised new learners grasp the functionality of the frame and start to navigate confidently in their first session. I have introduced two new learners to Sugar on a Stick and felt the need to provide some sort of crib to get them started, it is attached.

The format I used is to print this to postcard which I popped into the laptop.

I accept it is very poor now ...

Please contribute!


What was the first hurdle you had to overcome on day 1?

This stuff is fully covered in the Floss manual but IMHI does not jump out at you fast enough!

Judging from the "undiscoverable" pages, others have failed to solve some very basic navigation challenges on day 1.

My first experiences of Sugar were on a machine short of memory, so a flickering frame was a real distraction.

b) Presentation

Is conveying this information in a small image, a good idea?

What should be added or taken away?

My ambition would be to link some sort of variant of this file to:

and/or a Micro_Help, perhaps packaged as a one frame activity?

c) ...

--Inkyfingers 06:40, 26 October 2011 (EDT) I have created this page unlinked.