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  • Implement the source key feature for sugar (i.e. add a modal alert like the objectchooser with a filetree on the left and a non-editable gtksourceview on the right)
  • #7911 Integrate speech synthesis. (erikos, hemantg)
  • Implement grab/scroll key #4470 (erikg?)
  • Incrementally remove PS functionality in favour of implementing Buddy and Activity directly in Sugar toolkit, opening the way to use other unmodified Telepathy backends and clients.
  • Make it possible to subscribe to users ("add friends") who you can't see through the server and/or find via Gadget. This means making JIDs human readable, letting the user discover their own JID, providing a way to type them in, and getting the user to approve incoming friend requests.
  • Autosave more intelligently. Currently, Activities are autosaved on every "context switch", which makes many things slow. We should add a "dirty bit" so that Activities only get saved when something has changed, and autosave at most once every N minutes.


  • Implement peer-to-peer connections in Telepathy Gabble so that one-to-one tube data doesn't go via the XMPP server. Big performance/reliability wins.

Control panel

  • Make layout language 'independent' using hippo #8148
  • Add section to set the keyboard layout #6780
  • Add section for the speech settings
  • Better use of localization in the language and date&time section #8312
  • Get rid of the modify_bg hacks and get this into the theme
  • Check box on control panel to turn jabber service on/off #833 (satellit 07/03/2009)


  • Add start-with option to the entry palette. This is useful in the main view of the journal but as well in the home view activity management. Use cases are for example the opening of a web-page source in either write or browse without having to reveal the entry's detail view.
  • Add filter functionality to objectchooser. For example when adding an image into Write the objectchooser should only provide the caller with images #3060.
  • The activity palette in the home view should allow to resume recent journal entries. Mockup.
  • Encourage to title entries
  • #6128 Organization with tags.
  • File sharing. Implement file transfer (HTML) for gabble. Implement the UI for file transfer in the Sugar UI (Object Transfer).
  • Add a Portfolio Activity that children use to select key Journal entries. The Portfolio activity would let them sequence and annotate the entries to make a multimedia presentation of their work.


  • palette option to download linked file #2903
  • object chooser and download alert in the right window #7498



  • Switch UI to GTK to enable text selection #8472
  • Wrap as a widget for use in other activities (Andres Ambrois)


  • Elect new master for collaboration when the sharer leaves #3445
  • Colored backgrounds for edits by different participants, as per mockups on Write
  • Use one-to-one tubes such as stream tubes when doing any bulk transfers (if they get implemented as P2P; see below).

Release Management infrastructure

  • An official home page per Sugar component, where you can find:
  • an official description
  • a link to the source with a description of which release series is related to which Sucrose development cycle/branch/release
  • changelogs for each release
  • Automation for publishing releases with changelogs for the above