0.88/0.87.2 Notes

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Sucrose 0.87.2 Release Notes


This is the second development release in the 0.88 release cycle - see the 0.88/Roadmap#Schedule for more details.

Thanks everyone for your great contributions!


There are no known compatibility issues, as of today.

Update to this version

Please use the instructions for your distribution (SoaS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian etc) of choice to upgrade to this release. Note that it may take a while until the release is packaged for each distribution. Please stay tuned for distribution specific announcements and watch out for updates at Get Sugar.

Glucose modules


Not updated

Glucose news


  • Name input screen should be deactivable #1497
  • Create temporary files for DS in ~/.sugar #1452
  • can't connect to WEP shared key networks #1602
  • intro screen doesn't unfreeze dcon #1601
  • font configuration through gconf #1584


  • font configuration through gconf #1584


  • copy-to-journal dbus error #573
  • file descriptor leak in filestore.retrieve() #1550
  • range queries use lexical comparison, not numerical #1342
  • add and use type information for Xapian value-stored properties #1437

What is new for packagers

cjson -> simplejson: Sugar moved back to use simplejson instead of cjson. cjson has a big bug dealing with slashes, this is a significant long-term bug and upstream has not been responsive other than acknowledging it. This bug breaks journal entry bundles #1553.