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Install testing environment


See Sugar on a Stick/Beta.

Also see: Sugar on a Stick/Installation/Variations

Fedora 13

See Fedora.

Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

Follow instruction to install latest sugar packages and keep them up-to-date.

Testing plans

0.88 Features

For instructions how to test the Features listed below please have a look at the section "How to test" of each Feature page. Please add yourself with your test result to the table of each Feature.

  • Enhanced Gettext

Enhanced Gettext Testing plan - Enhanced Gettext adds an extra search path for translation files for Sugar activities. This allows deployments to add and update activity translations independently of the release process.

Name Works Comment
Juan Pérez no None

  • Allow the Sugar user to connect to 3G networks

3G Support Testing plan - This Feature allows the Sugar user to connect to 3G networks using a device in the frame.

Name Works Comment
Jane Doe yes None

  • Font configuration

Font configuration - Distributors/deployers can use a GConf preference to customize the Sugar font size.

Name Works Comment
Marko Marković yes/no None

Language Tests

  • Test your own native language (can be set using the Control Panel).
    • is the 3G Feature listed in the section above fully translated?
Name Language Works Comment
Max Mustermann German yes/no None

Backwards compatibility tests

  • Migrate the Journal

Please verify that the Journal is migrated fine after an update. For example from 0.82 to 0.88.

Name Versions Works Comment
Pierre-Paul-Jacques 0.82-0.88 yes/no None

Connectivity: Different internet connections

You should test here if you can connect with a WEP and WPA/WPA2 network, if a wired connection is possible and the 3G connection test can be logged here, too.

Name Connectivity Type Works Comment
Pierre-Paul-Jacques WEP yes/no None

Bug Fix testing

For particular bugs you can indicate your test results in this section. This can be done by more than one person, just separate name and result by a column.

Bug Description Works? Tester Comment
#1 Example yes, no, yes Walter Bender, Tomeu Vizoso, Gary C. Martin None
#1358 Synchronize changes made to a Journal entry yes/no Name None
#330 Several Access Points with the same essid yes/no Name None
#1497 Name input screen is deactivable yes/no Name None
#1602 Can't connect to WEP shared key networks yes/no Name None
#1601 Intro screen doesn't unfreeze dcon yes/no Name None

How to write a good bug report

You should note the following in the bug report:

  • the version you are using
  • steps to reproduce

In most cases it is of interest to the developers to look at the Sugar logs. Instructions how to get the logs can be seen here.



Meetings are held online using IRC, Internet Relay Chat. You can read here more how to use IRC to join the meeting. The meeting will be taking place on the channel #sugar on the irc.freenode.net server, irc://irc.freenode.net#sugar, or webchat client.

01 March 2010

When: 14:00 UTC (9 EST)

Testing Day February the 16th

This will be an asynchronous effort, hence "Testing day" :). However we will do two kickstart meetings. One at 14:00 UTC and one at 19:00 UTC. In these meetings we will give a short introduction to what to test and answer questions about how to get the image on a usb-key and of course how to gather the results.


  • Kickoff-Meeting 1: 14:00 UTC
  • Kickoff-Meeting 2: 19:00 UTC


Are you planning to attend? Add your name and your expertise below!

Name Tester Feature owner Coordinator Special skills
Simon Schampijer yes yes yes
Sebastian Dziallas yes no soas
Ryan Kabir yes no no
Mel chua yes no soas pilot community QA, SMW-based test case systems
Satyaakam Goswami yes no Hindi Translation testing
Gary Martin yes no no

Testing image

Soas Testing day build

(This is the latest soas nightly build. At the moment starting activities is broken in that build. As this is a daily snapshot it will not be fixed in time for the meeting, hence use the build from the link above.)