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Sucrose 0.89.4 Release Notes


This is our development release number 4 in the 0.90 development cycle!

We now reached UI Freeze! We are glad to announce that three more Features have been pushed.

This Feature removes the need for the Presence Service, meaning that activities and the Shell need to interact directly with non-Sugar-specific services such as Telepathy.

The Spiral Home View is an enhancement to the Home View to enable the display of more icons. The idea is that after the circle becomes too large, rather than shrinking the icons, it morphs into a spiral. Only after the spiral no longer fits on the screen do the icons shrink.

New filtering options have been added to the Journal. You can sort now by size, creation date and modification date.

Thanks everyone for your great contributions!


There are no known compatibility issues, as of today.

Update to this version

Please use the instructions for your distribution (SoaS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian etc) of choice to upgrade to this release. Note that it may take a while until the release is packaged for each distribution. Please stay tuned for distribution specific announcements and watch out for updates at Get Sugar.

Glucose (base) modules


Not Updated

Glucose news


  • Launch gnome-keyring-daemon from sugar-emulator (Tomeu Vizoso)
  • 3G Support: show connection errors #1759 (Daniel Castelo)
  • Unneeded debug logs #1862 (Simon Schampijer)
  • Activity data directory should be deleted when an activity is deleted #2074 (Martin Abente)
  • Sudden death while clicking around on the journal #2064 (Aleksey Lim)
  • Sugar main window fails to resize on randr resolution change #1725 (Andrés Ambrois)
  • Adding spiral extension to Ring View (Walter Bender)
  • Add sorting options to the Journal: size, creation date, modification date (Andrés Ambrois)
  • Remove dependency on the Presence Service #416 (Tomeu Vizoso)


  • Icons for sorting filter (size, creation date, last edited) in the Journal #1915 (Gary C. Martin)
  • Icons for touchpad section in the Control Panel #2006 (Walter Bender)


  • Delete activities profile data when uninstall #2074 (Martin Abente)
  • Remove sugar/__init__.py, it should come from sugar-base #1868 (Tomeu Vizoso)
  • Remove Presence Service: move the code that sets up a shared activity from the PS into sugar.presence.activity (Tomeu Vizoso)


  • Remove connection handling now that the Shell takes care of it. Also make sure we have all the info we need right after the service starts. (Tomeu Vizoso)


  • New metadata fields, creation_time and filesize to support sorting in the Journal #1915 (Andrés Ambrois)
  • Create target directory before importing previews #2149 (carrott)

Fructose (base activity) modules

Fructose news

No news.

What is new for packagers

New API has been added to telepathy-gabble and telepathy-salut to support the work on the collaboration framework, which results in needing 0.9.16 for tp-gabble and 0.3.13 for tp-salut.

One of the goals of the collaboration refactoring was dropping functionality in sugar that has been implemented in telepathy-mission-control, so Sugar now depends on tp-mission-control 5.4.3.