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Migrate the code

  • If you are not the author of the activity, query the author to let them know about the move.
  • Create an account on and log in. Add your public SSH key to your account.
  • Create a new project (, projects, new). Make your project name lowercase, e.g. pippy, turtleart, paint. Put it in category "activities".
  • Clone your activity from
git clone git://
  • If you want to migrate a non-master branch...
git remote show origin
git checkout -b sucrose-0.82 origin/sucrose-0.82
  • Push to with something like:
git push --mirror
  • Clone the project from the new repository in order to be able to push your changes. You'll need to do a git clone into an empty directory, using the same URL you used with your previous push:
git clone sugar

If you're getting a message saying fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly that probably means that this URL is incorrect.

Set up SugarLabs services

  • Add the pootle user as a committer (from the "add committer" link on the mainline page) and send mail to dirakx to point pootle to new remote.
  • Upload a xo bundle to Be sure to include a couple of screenshots of your activity in action.
  • If your activity is part of Fructose, upload a .tar.bz2 to Request a shell account from the Infrastructure Team if you don't have one already.
  • Update the OLPC wiki page for the Activity, noting the migration. Use the Migrated to sl.o template.
  • Change sugar-jhbuild to point to the new repository if this activity was included in sugar-jhbuild (enter a ticket in if you have no access).
  • Ask an Activity Team Coordinator to create a Trac component for your activity.

Notify the community

Clean up

Adjust the activity's old wiki page on

  • Put the {{Activity migrated to sl.o}} template at the top of the old wiki page.
  • Clean up the information on the old wiki page. You can either continue to update the "OBX" badges and semantic information on it, or remove most of this information.

You need to continue to maintain the activity's "activity template fragment"(s) on such as Activities/Etoys (latest).

For more information on activity pages, see olpc:Maintaining activity web information.