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Learners should be able to see other learners on the neighbourhood view and be able to send short messages to that person. These messages might come up as notifications when the recipient is in another application.

 "Hi Andy, join the Write I have shared with you"
 "Okay Bella"

Three possibilities

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging would allow users to select each other and send a message. From there, a "Reply?" dialogue would allow the recipient to respond.

View Messaging / Bulletin Boards

The concept of a bulletin board for each view is expanded upon here : Human_Interface_Guidelines/The_Laptop_Experience/Bulletin_Boards

  • Application view => Allows users to send messages those who are sharing that application
  • Home view => Allows learners to add sticky notes for themselves
  • Friends view => Allows learners to send notes to their friends
  • Neighbourhood view => Sends a global alert

Teacher/Server Override

This would enable teachers and parents to send messages to all learners that are connected. This would override any local settings, meaning that the messages would force themselves to be focused upon.