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Please also look at 0.94/Roadmap and comment if this syncs well with that schedule. FWIW, our Alpha-1 release date corresponds with 0.93.5 hard-code freeze start.

Target Date Actual Date Release Description/Milestone
08 Aug, 2011 30 Aug, 2011 Alpha-1
  • QA testing starts
22 Aug, 2011 1 Sept, 2011

Major features to be coded to be decided, and captured in bug-trackers. Prioritize features, and bugs and fit them in the development roadmap (by way of wikipages, identifying them as blockers for milestones)

19 Sept, 2011 26 Sept, 2011 Alpha-2
  • All high priority features coded (add bug-id's here)
  • All high priority bugs fixed (add bug-id's here)
  • Review completeness w.r.t. all objectives and features identified in Feature Freeze list
17 Oct, 2011 10 Nov, 2011 Alpha-3
  • All medium priority features coded(add bug-id's here)
  • All medium priority bugs fixed (add bug-id's here) (Alpha-4)
  • All items identified in Feature Freeze coded/fixed. (Alpha-4)
14 Nov 2011
21 Nov 2011
  • All medium priority bugs fixed (add bug-id's here)
  • All items identified in Feature Freeze coded/fixed.
  • Review overall stability of release.
28 Nov 2011
5 Dec 2011
  • All blocker regressions identified by QA fixed (add bug-id's here).
  • All high and medium priority regressions identified by QA fixed.
12 Dec 2011
19 Dec 2011
  • Final series of meetings | Decide whether we're good enough to release.


  • Between releases, and atleast until Beta-2, we'll regularly release rpm updates for sugar and other dx related packages. The automated yum updater is supposed to update the releases accordingly.
  • Need to align with testing/QA. Community related emails need to plan around this roadmap.
  • All milestones listed will be communicated atleast via technical release emails on dextrose, sugar-devel, olpc-devel mailing lists.