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Assessment is a idea du jour in education circles. Although Sugar promotes self-assessment through mechanisms such as the Sugar Journal and Activities/Portfolio, we do provide some mechanisms for more traditional, automated assessment (See Platform_Team/sugar-stats and Activities/Analyze Journal).
Research what metadata about Sugar activity usage would be helpful to teachers for assessment purposes.
Sugar Learning team

---My Submission--

Current Metadata, and Why It Is Useful:  

Storage Space Used:

This data shows how much storage space is available to other students, and how much is used per individual student. Monitoring this would be able the teacher to decide how much storage that the class would need to have. 

Time Monitor Inactivity Reset:

The time spent on each window is logged, and if a student is not actively participating in that window it will reset the time, thus providing high quality statistics. 

Sugar/Network Uptime:

View the exact time Sugar has been running, and how long your network has been connected. Teachers can send this data to School Network Administrators if there are any issues. 

Collaboration Reports:

 View who is collaborating with each other, and what they are doing. This will allow the teacher to give partner assignments to their classroom without worrying if they are actually doing the assignment. 

Viewing Buddies/Interaction:

By using this you can see who the student interacts with most. 

Possible Future Metadata, and Why It Is Useful: 

Activity Usage Data:

This could help the teacher incorporate the student’s favorite activities into their lesson plans.

Student Usage Data Log:

View a summary of each student's activities. Could be used to see if student is on task. 

Screenshots of Student Activity:

Maybe include periodical screenshots sent to the teacher of student activity, in case of student misconduct. 

View Student’s Exact Usage:

This will allow a teacher to view a student report with data such as: 

  1. Time spent per activity

  2. Time spent per session    

  3. User actions

  4. References (Did they paste anything if so, where from?)

  5. Time inactive 

Accelerometer/Light Sensor:

Not I, nor my teachers have thought of anything useful using this metadata if created.                                                                                       

 I have found a few research papers regarding metadata and teachers.