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This is the project page for the Sugar Labs application to Google Code In 2014. Sugar Labs community members: please feel free to add tasks below. We'll do an edit before final applications are due in late Oct 2014.

Message to potential participants

It is important that you obtain permission of your parents.

Es importante que obtengas el permiso de tus padres para participar.

Please see the Contest Rules for Eligibility and Registration process.

Details regarding the required forms and paperwork are here: Google Code In 2014/Participate#Students.

Also, you will likely need to set up the Sugar development environment. See for details. Further information about contributing to the project can be found here:

Please don't hesitate to ask questions on our irc channel (#sugar on or on the sugar-devel list: sugar-devel AT lists.sugarlabs DOT org

Why we are participating

Sugar is written and maintained by volunteers, who range from seasoned professionals to children as young as 12-years of age. Children who have grown up with Sugar have transitioned from Sugar users to Sugar App developers to Sugar maintainers. They hang out on IRC with the global Sugar developer community and are full-fledged members of the Sugar development team. It is this latter group of children we hope will participate in and benefit from Google Code-in. Specifically we want to re-enforce the message that Sugar belongs to its users and that they have both ownership and the responsibility that ownership implies. Just as learning is not something done to you, but something you do, learning with Sugar ultimately means participating in the Sugar development process. At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for us to get some tasks accomplished, it is quintessential to our overall mission.

Some background from GCI


Open Source Fundamentals

You can contribute without being a coder! You do not have to be a coder to contribute to open source. There are many different skill sets needed to help an open source community thrive:

If you are a good writer and enjoy attention to detail then you might want to contribute by writing or editing documentation. Documentation is a huge part of a successful open source project. Organizations need documentation to help attract new contributors as it helps them see what the codebase looks like and where things are and what the plan is for the project.
An organization may need help crunching numbers or sorting through pages of documents to better understand what the users want or need. There are many different types of tasks that students could work on that are very important to the health of the project.
If you have an outgoing personality and like being around and talking to people, take a look at the outreach tasks. Outreach tasks often include hosting meetups in your local community or creating a plan on how people around the globe can host a meetup about the project in their local communities.
You could create a YouTube video discussing a new feature of the project or maybe some basics on what the project does so people who haven’t heard about it can understand the project and get involved.
User Interface
User interface can include many types of tasks including designing new aspects of a webpage or creating a new logo for the project. It may also include various accessibility opportunities to help make the project easier for people who are blind.
If you have an idea that may help an organization, reach out to them and let them know! Sometimes the best task is one that the organization hasn’t even considered yet.


Open source is not just about coding but working with other people to find the best solution. Being a part of the community is an essential part of success in Google Code-in. Mentors tell us every year that their best students were the ones who worked hard on their projects but also participated on IRC and helped answer questions other students had.

Quality over Quantity

It’s not about being the student who completes the most tasks, that only gets you to the top 10 to be reviewed, it doesn’t mean you will be a grand prize winner. We have had quite a few students who completed the most tasks for their organization yet were not named as Grand Prize Winners because they did everything solo and didn’t get involved in the community or think about the health of the project as a whole, they just kept completing task after task like a machine. If you actively participate in the community then you not only feel the camaraderie that comes with working as a team but you become committed to making the project better for everyone.

Some basics about Sugar Labs

For some basics about the project, see Chapter 4 of Learning to Change the World.

Getting started with coding

Sugar development is in either Python or Javascript.

Please note that you must run pep8 and pyflakes on your code before submitting your patches.

Getting started with GIT

Some knowledge of git is important as your work will be submitted to our git repository ( The basic mechanism is a pull request (PR), which is detailed in [1].

GitHub provides a tutorial (See, although there are many others as well.

Note that our bug tracker is


Note: This is our preliminary list of tasks. We can add more as the contest progresses.

Mentors: please feel free to add more tasks and/or add yourself as a potential mentor to an existing task.

Tasks must fall within one of these five categories: #Documentation/Training; #Outreach/Research; #User Interface; #Quality Assurance; and #Code.

Beginner Tasks

We have several tasks that are targeting people new to Sugar and Sugar development. This is a category new to GCI for 2014.

Title Description Hours Mentor Tag
Install the Sugar development environment Following the instruction at [2], set up the Sugar development environment. Submit a screen-shot of the development environment running to complete this task. You can get help on our irc channel should you run into any difficulties. 48 all beginner
Install Sugar in a virtual machine If your intention is to focus on documentation and training or outreach, then you may want to install Sugar in a virtual machine. Following the instructions at [3][4][5], set up the Sugar development environment. Submit a screen-shot of the development environment running to complete this task. You can get help on our irc channel should you run into any difficulties. 48 all beginner
Create an example program in Turtle Blocks We distribute examples with the Turtle Blocks programming environment. Create your example -- some art, some geometry, some multimedia, a simple game -- to be included with the package. Deliverable is a Turtle Blocks project file to be reviewed by Sugar Labs designers and educators. 48 all beginner


Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more

Title Description Hours Mentor Tag
Update the Sugar Labs entry in Wikipedia The Sugar Labs entry in Wikipedia is very old. Please bring it up to date. 48 Walter Documentation
Update the Sugar Labs wiki page on git The Activity Team/Git Tutorial is out of date: we have migrated to GitHub. Please update the page to reflect the GitHub workflow. See for more details 48 Walter Documentation
Help for MusicKeyboard activity Create a page in Help activity for the MusicKeyboard activity 48 GOdiard Documentation
Help for Abacus activity Create a page in Help activity for the Abacus activity 48 GOdiard Documentation
Help for Finance activity Create a page in Help activity for the Finance activity 48 GOdiard Documentation
Help for Dimensions activity Create a page in Help activity for the Dimensions activity 48 GOdiard Documentation
Help for TurtleBlocks3D activity Create a page in Help activity for the TurtleBlocks3D activity 48 GOdiard Documentation

For information about how to create help pages for activities


Tasks related to community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions

Title Description Hours Mentor Tag
Turtle Art Day Organize a Turtle Art Day in your community. Details at [6] 96 Walter Outreach
Promo Video Create a 60 second promotional video on Sugar and its community. 96 Mariah Outreach
Hangout Q&A Host a Question and Answer (Q&A)/Information session about Sugar on Google Hangouts. Invite friends, family, peers, as well as academic and community leaders. 96 Mariah Outreach
Local Lab Wiki Create/update a "Local Lab" page for your area/country. Fill in the page with information on the Sugar community in your area. This could include contact information, mailing lists, events and any other information that may be relevant. 96 Mariah Research
How-To Guide Create a guide for how to host your own DIY Sugar on a Stick party. The guide should include at least two promotional item designs (like a sticker, brochure, flyer). Feel free to change the name to something else. 96 Mariah Outreach
DIY Sugar on a Stick Organize and host a Sugar on a Stick party where you show people how to make their own Sugar on a Stick. Then, hold a workshop on the basics of using Sugar. Take pictures to document the experience. Post a blog about it. 96 Mariah Outreach
Potential Users Gather information on who could benefit from using or knowing about Sugar. Look at non-profit organizations, academic institutions, the home-school community. Build a database including contact information, website URLS, social media profiles, and any other relevant information. 96 Mariah Research
Sugar Tools & Resources Find the resources that people are using throughout the world to learn about or teach Sugar Activities. This can include manuals, teacher guides, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. Document what type of resource it is, the URL for the resource, the target audience of the resource and whether it is up-to-date. 96 Mariah Research
Introduce Yourself Write a blog post about why you are participating in Google Code-In, what you hope to learn from the GCI and how Sugar Labs can help you. Include a picture. Share blog post through social media. 48 Mariah Outreach
Interview a GCI Peer Interview another Sugar Labs GCI participant. Ask them questions about how they are selecting/completing tasks, any successes/struggles they are having, etc. Post on participant blog. Share blog post through social media. 48 Mariah Outreach
Interview an Educator Find an educator who is using open-source educational software to teach. Interview the educator about their experience as an educator and why they are using open-source software to teach. Post about it on the blog, include a picture. Share the blog post through social media and with the educator. 48 Mariah
Review an Activity Write a review about an Activity in Sugar. Explain how you use it, what kind of project you could do with it, any bugs it might have, etc. Post your review. The review can be a video review or a written review with screenshots. Share the blog post through social media. 48 Mariah Outreach
Women in the Sugar Community Create a 10-minute presentation celebrating at least three women within the Sugar community and/or the open-source community at large. Write a blog post about what you learned when making this presentation and include a link to the presentation. 48 Mariah Outreach
Wrap-Up Write a blog post about your experience as a GCI participant for Sugar Labs. Share your thoughts on what was successful and what can be improved for next year's participants. Feel free to include pictures, videos, links to work that you are most proud of. Share the post through social media. 48 Mariah Outreach

User Interface

Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction

Title Description Hours Mentor Tag
Classroom management 1 Sugar provides only a few tools for classroom management, e.g., the Share With Teacher webservice. Survey classroom services that run either as web services or native in desktop environments. 72 Walter UI, pedagogy
Classroom management 2 Sugar provides only a few tools for classroom management, e.g., the Share With Teacher webservice. Which of the results from the Classroom management 1 task would be useful to incorporate into the Sugar ecosystem? Evaluation should include s description of the service and a sketch of how the user interaction would work. 72 Walter UI, pedagogy
Sugar on a small screen Sugar was originally designed as a desktop environment for small computers. But these days, many children have access to smart phones rather than computers. This task is to make some sketches as to how Sugar might be redesigned for a smart phone form-factor. A series of annotated sketches should be made as part of completing this task. 72 Walter UI
Programming on a small screen We put an emphasis on programming in Sugar. One popular programming environment is Turtle Blocks. Recently we made a Javascript version that can run in a browser (and hence on a smart phone). How should the UI change to accommodate that form-factor? A series of annotated sketches should be made as part of completing this task. 72 Walter UI
End-user customization We try to encourage our users to re-imagine Sugar as they'd like it. Users can change the icon layout, the background screen, and the XO avatar. What else should be made easier to customize with minimal programming? 72 Walter UI

Quality Assurance

Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality.

Title Description Hours Mentor Tag
Behavior diff for Turtle Blocks JS Turtle Blocks JS is a Javascript port from the Python version of the activity. The goal of this task is to document any differences in behavior between the two versions. 72 Walter QA
Unit tests for JS activities We have no unit tests for our Javascript activities. This task is to investigate approaches to unit testing in Javascript 72 Walter QA
Test Sugar on a Stick Help test the latest Sugar on a Stick on Fedora (F21). See [7], [8] #fedora-qa (freenode IRC). Deliverable is a report of the major Sugar features, e.g., desktop, journal, collaboration, and the core activities, e.g., Write, Browse, Turtle, Chat, Speak, etc. 48 Satellit QA, SoaS
Interview a teacher Ultimately the quality of our work is determined by our end users. Interview a classroom teacher who is using Sugar and solicit feedback about what works, what doesn't. 72 Walter QA
Interview a student Ultimately the quality of our work is determined by our end users. Interview a student who is using Sugar in school and solicit feedback about what works, what doesn't. 72 Walter QA


Tasks related to writing or refactoring code

Title Description Hours Mentor Tag
PO -> INI conversion We use gettext and PO files for internationalization in our Python programs. In Javascript, we are looking at webL10n. This task is to write a Python script to convert PO files into the INI format used by webL10n. 72 Walter Code, i18n, Python
Beagle Board plugin for Turtle Blocks The Beagle Board is a low-power, open-hardware computer that facilitates experimentation with a large family of sensors. The task is to get Turtle Blocks running on a Beagle Board and then write an example plugin. 72 Gary Code, UI, Python
Munsell colors The Munsell color system is a visually uniform color system. There is a decent Perl module for Munsell, but no Python module as far as I know. Would be great to have a Python version so we can use Munsell in Sugar activities. 72 Walter Code, UI, Python
Sharing Palette Highlight Bug GTK3 Sharing Palette does not highlight the current selected option. The palette should highlight the icon of the selected option. This worked fine in GTK2. You can test with Chat (gtk2) and Browse (gtk3). Ticket: Relevant code: gtk3 themes at 48 devel team UI, Code, Python
Magic Tool For Paint The kids want the magic tools from TuxPaint in the sugar Paint activity. The teachers in Uruguay say the kids like the magic tools from TuxPaint. Ticket: Relevant code: 72 GOdiard Code, Python
Clear Browse Cache on Crash Browse cache can bloat up with time consuming valuable space on the laptop. On one laptop me and tch checked, there were 400MB of unaccessible files (mostly multimedia) in the Browse instance folder. We need a procedure to clean instance/ when starting browse (needs to check it is the only instance to avoid corner case of more than one browse instance). Another option is to check the date of partial files... Ticket: Relevant code: 48 GOdiard Code Python
On Screen keyboard Covers Terminal On terminal activity, the OSK is covering the text entry area. This means that they cannot be used in tablet (full-touch) mode, meaning that they cannot meet Objective #2487. Ticket: Relevant code: 48 devel team Code, UI, Python
Pippy does not load example if no tabs present Steps: open pippy, close all tabs, open an example (any), nothing will happen and is confusing, the log shows an ugly error. Ticket: Relevant code: 48 walter Code, Python
XO sleeps while Spirolaterals is drawing The Spirolaterals activity should ask XO builds not to suspend while its drawing routine is active. Since it takes more than 15 seconds to complete a drawing cycle based on many user-entered patterns, and drawing is done in a step/pause/step manner which doesn't use much CPU, a XO laptop can decide to suspend before the completed image is drawn. Use the inhibit suspend routines in the toolkit to fix this bug. Ticket: Relevant code: 48 walter Code, Python
Warn users before installing bundles for newer Sugar Currently, Sugar will happily install a bundle marked as not being compatible with that version (the activities minimum sugar version is too high). You should add a prompt to warn users about installing that bundle. Ticket: Relevant code: and 48 Code, Python, UI

Unsorted tasks

Sugar enhancements from

Each of these open tickets is potential task-worthy.

Ticket Description Type Component
1646 No way to force-close (kill) an activity enhancement Sugar
3143 remove icon-slicer dependency enhancement Sugar
4016 Touch: change brightness and mode enhancement Sugar
4581 Shift key on OSK looks the same in all modes enhancement Sugar
4671 Add voice recognition enhancement Sugar
1843 Journal accesses USB devices on scrolling enhancement Sugar
1471 Send a file to more than one person at a time enhancement Sugar
2264 Network, forget, or remove as favourite enhancement Sugar
2433 class Activity should setlocale enhancement Sugar
2473 transfer entire data store entry, including arbitrary metadata enhancement Sugar
2480 Journal file actions need progress/busy indication enhancement Sugar
2869 Radio/wireless control should interact with rfkill enhancement Sugar
3028 Add modifier to take screenshot only with the canvas enhancement Sugar
3209 Journal should support display of activity-specific badges enhancement Sugar
3412 Use gtk_accelerator_parse() instead of egg for key handling enhancement Sugar
3627 Installing an activity should show progress information enhancement Sugar
3672 duplicate function in view source needs progress bar enhancement Sugar
3826 Get supported audio and video mime types from gstreamer enhancement Sugar
4257 Toolbar overflow button: add a better looking arrow enhancement Sugar
4273 View Source: provide feedback for non text files enhancement Sugar
4327 Language CP module displays combo text in 2nd preferred language enhancement Sugar
4398 Toolkit: add MessageBox enhancement Sugar
4614 sugar: implement preview on clipboard button for images enhancement Sugar
4660 Keyboard shortcuts missing enhancement Sugar
4675 Allow the user to select custom image for background with a button enhancement Sugar
4681 Show icon indicating volume and brightness levels when corresponding button is pressed enhancement Sugar
4702 File transfer does not show progress or completion enhancement Sugar

Sugar bugs from

Each of these open tickets is potential task-worthy.

Ticket Description Type Component
4307 clipboard.set_with_data/set_with_owner is not introspectable defect Sugar
1549 Collaboration faults when resuming and then stopping a shared activity before connections are sucessfull defect Sugar
2195 Control panel, timezone incorrectly calculated defect Sugar
3326 Telepathy signals connected twice when connecting to jabber defect Sugar
3833 Palettes on the bottom of screen don't appear after rotation to portrait mode defect Sugar
4330 Journal: start editing unwanted entry defect Sugar
4461 "Volume busy" dialog appear in Sugar defect Sugar
4613 Neighborhood view should respect max_participants limit defect Sugar
4709 MenuItem at times do not trigger activate signal defect Sugar
4743 missing AU translations defect Sugar
305 Checkbox/Radio button outline on black panel disappears in mouseover selection highlight defect Sugar
933 Neighbourhood shared Activity title re-named by someone else re-joining defect Sugar
1051 loads of get_file() invocations and short-lived file paths during activity installation defect Sugar
1181 Registration should be async defect Sugar
1429 Home view object's long titles aren't formated like everywhere else defect Sugar
1490 home screen: "start new" behaviour not reset if non-<alt> modifier active while releasing <alt> defect Sugar
1936 sugar.datastore.datastore.find() breaks for large data stores defect Sugar
2355 Neighborhood shows Jabber account id (hex_number@server.domain) instead of nick name defect Sugar
2478 Buttons unresponsive when launching Sugar until Journal appears on Home View defect Sugar
2503 View-source does not close when activity closes defect Sugar
2702 "Invite to <activity>" shown even for activities that don't support sharing defect Sugar
2818 New/upgraded activities are added to Favourites View defect Sugar
2822 Software Update selects new activities by default defect Sugar
2962 Rerigister on jabber server defect Sugar
2978 Remove hierachy-changed signal handlers when not needed defect Sugar
2982 Reconnect to jabber server in CP even if it was not changed defect Sugar
2992 GSM palette 1 hour off defect Sugar
3006 Ad-hoc network icon mixup defect Sugar
3119 traceback after Sugar startup defect Sugar
3146 Dragging a Journal entry drags the whole white entry bar, not just the icon defect Sugar
3147 Hovering Home list view un-favorited star provides confusing feedback defect Sugar
3172 traceback when associating to a new schoolserver defect Sugar
3432 Your Journal is full screen displayed badly defect Sugar
3433 Can't launch activities when disk is full defect Sugar
3450 Activity.__init__(..., create_jobject=False) broken defect Sugar
3601 Reword "Create a connection in the control panel.", to use My Settings defect Sugar
3646 Palette dissapears after some clicks defect Sugar
3708 Sugar doesn't DHCP connecting to ad-hoc wifi point defect Sugar
3796 sugar-toolkit-gtk3: Drag and drop in color button defect Sugar
3930 Sidebar clipboard content tooltip should render Unicode/HTML escapes safely (with no active links, etc.) defect Sugar
3953 Sugar hover menus take a long time to appear on XO-1 defect Sugar
4000 Views: when Palette is up you can not switch views defect Sugar
4047 Journal should display specific icons for .xo and .xol bundles defect Sugar
4058 GtkPaned can't be adjusted in touchscreen defect Sugar
4181 Research how should we use get_preferred_size defect Sugar
4238 Sliders hard to handle with touch defect Sugar
4301 Frame: revisit buttons defect Sugar
4310 Sometimes the frame gesture stops working defect Sugar
4314 Frame Transfer tool button does not respond to touch defect Sugar
4318 Frame clippings palette needs GTK3 theme updates defect Sugar
4322 Modem palette data counters stuck at 0 defect Sugar
4329 Language CP module 2nd choice language can trigger right to left Sugar layout defect Sugar
4339 Journal model: traceback defect Sugar
4358 Inactive next button on naming screen has no arrow defect Sugar
4397 Fix ViewSource layout defect Sugar
4449 "Spanish" and other language names are not translated in My Settings language section defect Sugar
4452 Partner icon does not appear in the frame defect Sugar
4454 Error at exit activity after participate in collaboration defect Sugar
4456 Bad activity name escaping in Network view defect Sugar
4458 Can't reconnect to a shared activity defect Sugar
4463 Collaboration palette can't be opened after press F1 defect Sugar
4467 GTK3: Sharing Palette does not highlight the current selected option defect Sugar
4497 Html activity segfault on exit defect Sugar
4690 Journal: Palettes at the bottom of the list should reveal upwards defect Sugar
4692 Journal: Alt+1 doesn't take screenshot if objects palette is opened defect Sugar
4693 Send to friend not working defect Sugar
4717 Error trying to open object palette in the journal defect Sugar
4723 Activity launches even when pointer click is released outside of icon region defect Sugar
4736 Can't find volume when external device remove defect Sugar
4739 Errors when _Account._connection is lost defect Sugar
4742 Use localed to set language in control panel defect Sugar
4744 Sugar displays all languages including ones with no such translations. defect Sugar
4756 Maximum Activities notification doesn't display defect Sugar
4761 Tamtam activities fail to start in sugar0.100 running from sugar on a stick 10 installed on hard disk. defect Sugar
4793 journal entry palette is hidden on release of long press defect Sugar
618 jabber server name activated without user confirmation defect Sugar
634 Dropdown panel highlight confusing on 'Encryption Type:' of 'Wireless Key Required' dialog defect Sugar
1022 neighborhood view: new, matching AP not highlighted when view is filtered defect Sugar
1151 connect to gabble immediately after registration defect Sugar
1393 journal entry without a file is offered for transfer defect Sugar
1624 gsm-client goes to infinite loop defect Sugar
1674 change of encryption requirement on an access point prevents network connection defect Sugar
1677 Speaker device not updated on external state changes defect Sugar
1743 group view showing same activity multiple times defect Sugar
1833 Journal: Preserve object title while copying ds object to clipboard defect Sugar
2016 My Settings on top lost focus with popup defect Sugar
2267 Do we get the right file extension with mime.get_primary_extension(mime_type) ? defect Sugar
2306 should not try to connect to a jabber server if no server is set in the control panel defect Sugar
2308 shell listens unnecessarily for NameOwnerChanged signals defect Sugar
2319 Resuming large file from external media doesn't work because of dbus timeout defect Sugar
2360 ActivityButton doesn't get garbage collected defect Sugar
2958 Journal refresh with large number of entries may steal focus defect Sugar
2964 Race condition while buddy initiation defect Sugar
2974 Resuming journal entries may cause Sugar to falsely report failed activity launch defect Sugar
3043 The first time, the network device icon in the frame is a gray circle defect Sugar
3093 Time Zone reboot warning can be bypassed with a "cancelled" yet accepted change defect Sugar
3138 Regression in startup animation when you resume from Journal defect Sugar
3169 traces about not eing able to update a buddy defect Sugar
3170 Sometimes the device icon in the frame and the icon in the neighborhood view are out of sync defect Sugar
3204 Set the Sugar cursor in a non racy way defect Sugar
3309 Journal: .doc file (type:application/msword) uses a data icon instead of a text icon defect Sugar
3316 Wireless Modem error refers to Control Panel (not My Settings) defect Sugar
3345 Detect speech libraries defect Sugar
3378 When opening downloaded pdf in Read activity pulser not displayed correctly defect Sugar
3544 Home random view: It shouldn't be possible to drag & drop icons over the XO character defect Sugar
3600 cat process created by sugar-datastore not reaped if it is killed defect Sugar
3635 Activity icon in menu bar may jump in position when exiting activity defect Sugar
3812 Journal detail view, text below the preview image can enlarge left column defect Sugar
4098 FavoritesView: icon offset defect Sugar
4140 It is possible to start Activities before the Journal is loaded defect Sugar
4204 Journal detail view: Text selection handlers are shown while the Activity is loading defect Sugar
4205 Icon below buddy on Home View shows a closed activity defect Sugar
4229 Gamepad down arrow show and hide the OSK defect Sugar
4261 No OSK in first boot, ebook mode defect Sugar
4286 Traceback when drag and drop icons on random layout defect Sugar
4287 Bad volume saving behaviour when no sound device is found defect Sugar
4393 WEP connections created in Sugar always use open authentication defect Sugar
4412 Black drags in Browse/Wikipedia defect Sugar
4437 Transfer palette not updating progress bar defect Sugar
4575 OSK doesn't work in Date & Time CP applet search field defect Sugar
4683 Active activity should move to first place in the list in the frame defect Sugar
4722 sugar-install-bundle: fails to update activity list view after activity upgrade defect Sugar
3962 GTK3 treeview root item styled with rounded corners defect Sugar
4483 Clipboard regression in 13.2.0 images: set_with_data defect Sugar
4780 CPU usage goes up significantly after The Frame UI is accessed defect Sugar
4781 please support upower >= 0.99 defect Sugar
4783 Sugar fails to install on Raspberry Pi (ARM6 - PiDora) defect Sugar
4784 missing countries and providers data on 3G configuration defect Sugar
4785 Browse-156 segfault on Fedora 18 defect Sugar
4787 Screen does not redraw till the mouse is moved defect Sugar
4789 Collaboration does not work in SoaS f21-Alpha-RC1 defect Sugar
4791 Journal:wrong icon on external device defect Sugar
4792 Journal: device palette position is wrong defect Sugar

Activity enhancements from

Each of these open tickets is potential task-worthy.

Ticket Description Component
758 Port to new tube API Read
1124 Allow SoaS backup and restore from an XS server Sugar on a Stick (SoaS)
971 Global bookmarks in Browse Browse
2373 add support for Object Chooser Restore
3596 Browse: can not copy from inline pdf view or url entry Browse
4392 Chart should let the user to modify the chart font. Chart
4472 'Reject Suggestion' button is not working localization
4708 portfolio should export ODP Portfolio
946 Can not download image when opened in a popup Browse
1554 support for resuming downloads Browse
1970 crossword-maker sugarization ActivityTeam
2361 Pippy fails to start if journal entry is corrupt Pippy
2740 Update list of people in Pippy Thanks example Pippy
2838 Paint: The kids want the magic tools from TuxPaint Paint
3494 Show points in Maze collaboration Maze
3495 Generate levels with holes Maze
4241 Read: support cbz and cbr files Read
4584 Slider_puzzle activity to GTK+3 SliderPuzzle
4588 Chart activity: filter input to only accept valid values Chart
4698 Enhancement: Pippy should have a dark grey background Pippy
542 UI improvements and channel tab issues Irc
587 XOIRC support for multiple servers Irc
652 Potential Journal Detail View improvements (Mock-up) design
661 need progress indication for jigsaw puzzle sharing JigsawPuzzle
662 Could reduce tubes code JokeMachine
722 Better notification for in activity events design
966 Add SL navigation bar to ASLO main page
1165 Tower of babble problem with IRC activity Irc
1289 lenguages available of activities on aslo
1343 Labyrinth should have an 'export to text for outlining' feature Labyrinth
1366 easier bug reporting Log
1459 Cartoon Characters should not scale image to fill the screen CartoonBuilder
1559 ASLO spanish redirection
1649 calculate support for arabic numbers Calculate
1705 All activity pages on ASLO should provide links to trac and git
1756 Fetch activity title transaltion from submited bundle
1780 TimeLapse-2 gives no progress output during Time Lapse Collection ActivityTeam
1829 [Labyrinth] Added New Label Support Labyrinth
1847 Switch Record to gst camerabin plugin Record
1973 Ticket to track Arabic bugs localization
2047 SoaS has no "view source" keyboard shortcut Sugar on a Stick (SoaS)
2084 Pre-existing photos/videos not shared when making Record activity shared Record
2110 Add collaboration to GetBooks actvity Read
2118 DnD a link from Browse to the clipboard area of the Frame, should copy it design
2122 Measure sensor schematics Measure
2386 Calculate error point reporting Calculate
2392 Allow more node and relationship attributes Labyrinth
2438 For speed, Physics redraw should be based on dirty rects, not full screen updating Physics
2445 revise Soas boot menu; add entrys:"try soas without installing" "install to hard disk" with dfferent behaviors Sugar on a Stick (SoaS)
2530 Custom titles for audio recordings Record
2557 Record UI Improvement Record
2679 Paste blocks fail gracefully on error Turtleart
2697 Calculate should use an appropriate number of significant figures for trigonometric functions Calculate
2698 Calculate allows default variables to be redefined Calculate
2701 Calculate should let you export plotted graphs to the clipboard Calculate
2750 Ability to move pins/motors once placed Physics
2761 parallelize the execution of turtles Turtleart
2787 Port Chat to new PS API Chat
2831 unintuitive switch back to capture mode Record
2902 Allow Distance UI to layout on a 800x480 display ActivityTeam
2908 Add a lunar phase calendar view Moon
2909 Add an overhead Earth, Moon, Sun view Moon
2910 Add option to export the moon phase as an image to the Journal Moon
2911 Add eclipse glyph to indicate the type of eclipse Moon
2912 Allow Poll Builder UI to layout on a 800x480 display Poll
2922 Share improvement on calendar Calendario
2923 Journal integration for Calendar Calendario
2939 Drumbeats / TamTam TamTam
3111 Browse should have the option of allowing the user to only load text. design
3151 Add green line in Grid mode for terminator line Moon
3154 Discard does not discard game Memorize
3185 Hot key for journal not present in frame tool tip. design
3249 Should Sweets be mentioned as an option for non-tech users as well
3287 Journal: Found way to have mini-icons in "Anything" combobox and "Resume with" palette show as a white stroke design
3289 Globally changing "Works with" entries
3308 Could you release new version with pt translation? Record
3393 Odd eToys L10n issue Etoys
3417 Spirolaterals should ask OLPC builds not to suspend while drawing ActivityTeam
3506 Chat should provide notification of new activity if scrollbar is not in the bottom position Chat
3615 Add record or export to ogg buton to TamTamMini and TamTamJam TamTam
3624 Calculate should save equations in history along with the generated plots Calculate
3647 Hook up language control for l10n - migrated ticket StoryBuilder
3650 Add My Character and Add My Background StoryBuilder
3651 Collaboration functionality StoryBuilder
3693 Indiciate what architecture activities are for
3735 Māori traditional instruments for TamTam TamTam
3778 Load images when they are needed TypingTurtle
3881 Clock activity does not save state Clock
3882 Help activity does not save state Help
3897 Infoslicer needs to be able to help users go through Wiki disambiguation pages InfoSlicer
3966 Submit birthday on registration on SN server sugar-client
3978 FotoToon should have nice friendly help hint for new activity instances FotoToon
3979 Meta ticket of Activities that overflow in portrait orientation (mainly toolbars) ActivityTeam
4043 Add convert to pootle localization
4086 fototune enhancement: export as video FotoToon
4117 Touchscreen on screen keyboard Labyrinth
4138 Write: enable spellchecking Write
4292 Add Conozco Elementos Químicos to Pootle localization
4349 Improve Turtleart discoverability in Gnome Turtleart
4362 Waterfall view in Measure.. Measure
4649 Turtleblocks sensor calibrations for V193 Turtleart
4677 Provide an option to specify number of frames Flipsticks
4697 Enhancement: Terminal should have a dark grey background and colored text Terminal
4699 when your name is typed, irc activity icon could have the badge emblem-notification.svg IRC
4724 GetBooks: keep the information of the downloaded books GetBooks
4738 Copy paste dosen't work in calculate, also Ctrl+a(for entire selection) dosen't work. Calculate
4774 Feature Request: Jump to action definition Turtleart
4786 Proposal for a Sugar installer app for GNOME default installer software


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