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Mate.pngMATE Desktop

Mate 1.5.4 Livecd NEW 12/23/2012
  • NEW Now available in Fedora in netinstall only- DVD does not install working mate.--Satellit 13:32, 25 November 2012 (EST)
Nice Gnome2 alternate desktop
Originally developed for Linux Mint
(#mate and #fedora-mate on freenode IRC )

mate-desktop Wiki

F18 netinstall

chose MATE-desktop or cinnamon-desktop
  • Add to Existing Gnome or KDE Install:
root terminal
yum install @mate-desktop
yum install @cinnamon
  • Or:
yum groupinstall mate-desktop

Install MATE desktop for Fedora 16

  • MATE is a fork of GNOME 2
still in root terminal:
yum install
yum groupinstall MATE-Desktop
  • Logout sugar / login Mate
  • Nice GNOME 2 variant with sugar-emulator