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Restart, Play. Restart, Mac.

Get a hands on experience with Sugar by booting from a CD. Restart and return to your Mac, completely unchanged. This is the easiest way to get a Taste of Sugar on a Mac.

To Get Started

  • Download Sugar on a Stick (Choose the 64-bit version, if possible, for increased compatibility.)

Click to discover the processor at the heart of your Mac.

Verify the file was downloaded properly by calculating its SHA-1 checksum
For protection against tampering and transmission errors, always compare the checksum of each download.

To calculate a file's SHA-1 checksum
Open the Terminal Utility and type into the Terminal Window. Press the return key to run the command.
Replace mySugarFlavor with the name of the file you downloaded.

  • Mac OS version ≥10.6
    shasum ~/Downloads/mySugarFlavor.iso
  • Mac OS version ≤10.5
    openssl sha1 ~/Downloads/mySugarFlavor.iso
  • Compare the result to the official SHA-1 checksum stored at Sugar Labs.

To burn onto CD

  • Open the Disk Utility. Drag the downloaded .iso file to the bottom of the list.
  • Select your flavor .iso in the list, then press the Burn button.
  • Insert a blank CD disc when prompted.

The CD created is bootable in most PCs including Intel Mac. Please burn many copies and share them freely.

To try a Taste of Sugar

  • Insert the CD you burned.
  • Press the Power Button on the Intel Mac. If a dialog box appears, press the Restart Button.
  • During the startup sound, press and hold the letter C.
    If the apple logo appears, Sugar is not booting. Restart and try again.
    • the C key must be pressed during the startup sound and you must continue to hold it down.
    • you may release the c key once the Blue Boot Screen Welcome to Fedora-.......appears
  • Hit <TAB> and add this to the line of commands at the bottom: nomodeset xdriver=vesa
  • Hit <Return> and cd will boot after several messages
This works with
  1. SoaS v4 Mango Lassi Soas v4 Soas Boots on Mac Air
  2. SoaS v3 Mirabelle

A Taste of Sugar is a safe read-only experience that doesn't write or remember anything. Unfortunately, this means the Journal is not saved. Nothing is saved. All learner progress is lost when the machine reboots. A Taste of Sugar is only a demonstration and is not intended to be used on a recurring basis. See Sugar in a Window or Sugar on Linux to install Sugar for a learner.