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Computer Engineering Technology

Kennedy Kong

2nd Year

Computer Science

Mitchell DeMarco


3rd Year

Gregory Stevens

5th Year (Graduating after this class)

Shirt size: Large

James Kolb

4th Year (Double majoring in Math)


Nathaniel Case

3rd Year
Large shirt size

G. Tyler Bragdon

3rd Year (Minoring in Math) Shirt Size: L

Information Technology

Brendan Reen

4th Year

Brian Long

4th Year Medium T-Shirt Size

Anthony Lubrani

2nd Year

Jeremiah Green

5th year
Shirt Size: Extra Large

Wesley Dillingham

5th year

Photo Journalism

Jonathan Sanger

1st year


Abbi Honeycutt

1st year


Anthony King -XL

2nd year

Steven Schoenfeld

4th Year NSSA Student

Shirt Size: Large

Jameson Finney

3rd year

Dennis Jalbert

5th year (Graduating after this quarter)

Software Engineering

Chris Daniels

5th Year Medium

Doug Krofcheck

5th Year

Shirt Size: Large