Oversight Board/2011/Meeting Minutes-2011-09-23

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walter, cjb, icarto, alsroot, bernie

Community members including: JT4sugar, erikos, raffael, lfaraone


  1. SL Germany
  2. Misc

SL Germany

We discussed a proposal sent by Raffael Reichelt regarding Sugar Labs Germany to create Learning Studios. We agreed that the idea was a good fit for our mission. We did not reach consensus regarding the name, as there are currently numerous on-going efforts in Germany. Erikos and Raffael agreed to discuss the matter with the local community and report back at the next meeting.


We also discussed Local Lab management. Walter agreed to get feedback from SFC regarding:

  • What are the constraints on SL and Local Labs regarding for-profit enterprises?
  • Is it possible and under what conditions can Sugar Labs (SFC) engage in a contractual relationship with the Peruvian Government?