Oversight Board/2011/Meeting Minutes-2011-10-20

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walter, cjb, icarto, alsroot, bernie, canoeberry

Community members including: acaire11, raffael, gonzalo


  1. SLOBs Election 2011
  2. SL Berlin
  3. Sugar Camp Lima 2011


Adam Holt agreed to lead the publicity efforts. We will make an effort to post in both English and Spanish. We will also ask the Membership Committee to look into the rule regarding annual renewal of membership. We also will attempt to recruit some Spanish speakers to the membership committee.

SL Berlin

Raffael and Erikos discussed the name and agreed to SL Berlin. Raffael and Walter will sort out the details of an MOU with the SFC and subsequently bring the matter to a SLOBs vote.

Sugar Camp Lima 2011

Acaire11 will make a formal proposal for travel support for two community members.