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About Me

Hi I'm Ibiam, a volunteer contributor for Sugar Labs, an activity maintainer and a part of the Membership Committee.

I believe in Sugar Labs Mission and that the current state of the board can be improved on and I'm here to ensure that.

I'm motivated by the impact Sugar has had on me and others too numerous to mention and I want to see that this doesn't stop.


  • Maintain Sugar Labs Mission and see that our different softwares are still maintained which include but isn't limited to; Sugar, Sugar Activities, Sugarizer, and Music Blocks.
  • See that there is more collaboration between developers.


  • Continue Maintaining Sugar and it's Activities
  • Ensure that mentors of programmes have significant contributions to the relevant software.
  • Ensure that the goals agreed on would be implemented.
  • Continue work on Python3 port of sugar core and it's activities as this is critical to sugar's survival.


I believe we can discuss some issues in private, face-to-face by video call or by email as a board and allow members to be part of these discussions based on request and make public, decisions and minutes.

I'll be available for all meetings, and will state publicly when I won't be available.