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James joined OLPC in June 2006 as volunteer, and in November 2009 as contractor. James has maintained Sugar and activities for some years, is release manager for Sugar, and a systems administrator.


  • Sugar Labs is an open source software project,
  • our Software, at the moment, is Sugar, Sugar activities, Music Blocks, and Sugarizer,
  • our work is for use by elementary or primary aged children,


  • we will continue to maintain Sugar and the activities,
  • we will forego or remove any unused mailing lists, committees, boards or offices, in order to improve our collaboration,
  • we will ensure that any mentors have a significant and measured contribution in the relevant Software,
  • we will reduce the resources spent on other software such as web site, social media, or infrastructure for developers, as these are either mostly static or provided for free by others,
  • we will require new members to have made a non-trivial and accepted contribution to the Software,


As a board, we will deliberate in private or under Chatham House Rule, face to face and by e-mail, and publish decisions and minutes in public,

James plans to attend board meetings if they are held during his working hours, for up to one hour a week. James will recuse from some discussions where there is a conflict of interest.


You should always be able to see what James has been doing at Sugar Labs, even if what he did failed. James is disappointed by a trend away from transparency by others, and often has no idea what they are doing. An alternative is to think that nobody is doing anything, or that people are not collaborating or sharing.