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Sweets Distribution 0.94:SugsarNetwork repository contains stable Sucrose-0.94 with Sugar Network integration.


To start using it, follow the instructions:

Sugar Network integration

By default, Sugar Network integration is disabled in the Sugar Shell. To enable it, go to the Plugins component in the Control Panel, switch-on the integration checkbox, and restart Sugar. After restarting, the Sugar Network client will be available from the Activities tray and the F8 shortcut key.


Gitorious repositories with sources are hosted in the following projects:

Look for the master-0.94 git branches in Sugar source repositories.


  • Submit your bug report or feature request.
  • Subscribe to the sugar-devel mailing list and email with the subject prefixed with [SWEETS].
  • Ask your question on IRC channels, #sugar (not logged) or #sugar-newbies (logged).