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Our shell accounts server Machine/sunjammer hosts an instance of BIP, a multiuser IRC proxy.

Requesting a proxy

This service is only available to trusted developers with a shell account.

Setup a password with bipmkpw on sunjammer and send the resulting hash to the sysadmin contact along with:

  • Your IRC nickname
  • Optionally, a list of channels to connect to
  • Optionally, your NickServ password so the proxy can automatically login as you when the server boots

Since you'll be connecting from one of our public IPs, we'll provide your actual login name and real name to the IRC network.

Of course, you can have other servers besides FreeNode. Let us know which ones you require.

Configuring your IRC client

IRC clients should be configured as follows:

 Port: 7778
 Use SSL: yes
 Accept invalid SSL certificates: yes

BIP uses the password field to encode three fields separated by a colon:

  • USERNAME: your bip username (same of your shell account)
  • PASSWORD: the password you used with bipmkpw
  • NETWORK: the identifier of the IRC network to connect to (for example, "freenode").

If you have multiple IRC networks, create multiple server entries in your IRC client, each one with a different value for NETWORK.

This configuration is known to work with XChat and Konversation.

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