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If you don't have a Sugar Labs account, visit Service/Account first.


Hosted on


Administrative contact

sysadmin AT sugarlabs DOT org

For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact. For urgent requests, the list of systems administrators is on Machine/sunjammer.


A shell account;

  • requires a sponsor,
  • is only available to core contributors,
  • is only for when an existing public service such as GitHub cannot help.

A shell account makes sense only if you're already comfortable using ssh and the Linux command line. The SL systems administrators are not tutors.

Requesting a shell account

Fill up the following template and send it by email to sysadmin @ sugarlabs . org:

Username: <[a-z]+>
First: <your first name(s)>
Last: <your last name(s)>
Email: <desired forwarding email destination for>
Sponsor(s): <names of people sponsoring your account request>

<intended purpose of account>

<public ssh key(s), one per line. don't attach, paste with word-wrapping disabled>
  • Please cc your sponsor(s)
  • Preferably sign your request with a GPG key uploaded to public keyservers and signed by at least another Sugar Labs member.
  • Accurately describe the intended purpose of your shell account. Insufficiently justified requests will be delayed by the sysadmins to request further details.

Usage notes

Password Management

To change your password, you can visit . To reset your password, send a GPG-signed request to the sysadmin contact.

Passwords expire every 6 months. You will receive an email remainder a few days in advance. If you don't update your password, your account will be disabled, including shell access via ssh public keys.

To conserve resources, shell accounts will be removed from the system after 6 months of inactivity.

Local email management

Instead of forwarding email to another account, you could use IMAP or our webmail. See Service/imap and Service/smtp.

Public web hosting

The contents of ~/public_html will be visible as and .

You can use PHP in your web pages. It will execute with your credentials.

Do not distribute non-free software from your account, as this is not allowed by the terms of service of our host, the Free Software Foundation.

Public git hosting

You can publish your personal git repositories on . The repositories will also be accessible via the git protocol as git://

  • Copy or symlink your repository to ~/public_git.
  • Ensure that the path to your repository is publicly readable.
  • Touch the file git-daemon-export-ok in the repository.


Your account provides an OpenID identity provider that can be used to log into any OpenID-enabled service: .

IRC Proxies

You can run your favorite IRC client or proxy on your account. We also offer a system-wide IRC Proxy.

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