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Strawberry Release

Tickets targeted for the LinuxTag release:

This is our preliminary roadmap for the SoaS Final Release. Please make sure to follow it closely!

target date milestone
from now on please report any issues you encounter in our trac instance
2009-06-02 Fedora 11 Final Release, will be used for composing the latest images
following days maintainers are urged to update their packages; further testing
2009-06-10 last day to update packages, non-working stuff will be removed
following week extensive testing of subsequent snapshots; no new features allowed without approval
2009-06-17 final image creation takes place
following week USB keys are preloaded with the image
2009-06-24 distribution starts on LinuxTag; press release goes out

Beta Release

This is the roadmap with all the deadlines and information for the beta release.

target date milestone
from now on please report any issues you encounter with regard to hardware support
2009-03-30 Sugar Labs will clone the Rawhide state being used for beta creation
2009-03-31 Fedora 11 Beta Release
following days testing should focus on the Sugar environment, last minute changes are allowed
2009-04-05 last day to update Sugar packages and activites to have them included
2009-04-07 internal preview, last chance to include fixes
2009-04-10 official release, marked as beta

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