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This page contains an overview of our plans for the next release. Drafts and ideas may go in here, as well as information regarding deadlines in the roadmap. More detailed pages for planning include Sugar on a Stick/Goals & Sugar on a Stick/Resources. Feel free to add requests, for example for new activities, below. They will be tracked, together with the overall progress, here.

Note: The Roadmap for the upcoming stable release of the Sugar learning platform is found at 0.114/Roadmap. And proposals at Design Team/Proposals & Features.

Sugar on a Stick is a class of distributions of the Sugar learning platform that enables installation on removable and writable media like Live USB or Secure Digital cards.


Latest Release: Sugar on a Stick/Downloads

All SoaS tickets in Trac: Sugar on a Stick/Bugs

What is really important is that every single issue that should get resolved in time needs to be tagged with the appropriate milestone - please keep this in mind when filing tickets!


Planning is underway for Features/SoaS next, in June 2017.