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zyx-liveinstaller Instructions for Mirabelle f13

A new version of zyx-liveinstaller is required for f13

*In running SOAS root terminal
yum install zyx-liveinstaller gparted
  • follow install zyx-liveinstaller instructions [1]
  • Note zyx-liveinstaller is now available via yum 05/20/2010

Blog about using zyx-liveinstaller to install to HD(Spanish)

md5sum doesn't match

SHA1SUM file from download directory does...

Danceswithcars 15:31, 12 December 2009 (UTC)

liveinst command to install to Hard-Disk/USB from Soas CD

  • liveinst(Anaconda) is included on CD

Be Carefull as you can damage your PC Hard Disk if you select the wrong device in this procedure

Minimum 4GB USB required

  • Boot CD
  • Using sugar-terminal:
 Select Keyboard
 Select Drives
 local host
 city (tz)
 root password 2x
 Custom Install
   /boot ext4 200
   /     ext4 3600
 Write to disk-create filesystems-
  • Boot new USB

Loading WiFi driver for Classmate 3

1. Download rt2870.bin from (Be sure to download the Linux version).

2. Copy the .bin file into /lib/firmware

cp rt2870.bin /lib/firmware

3. You need to load the RPM Fusion repository for Fedora

sudo rpm -i


sudo rpm -i

4. yum install the driver

sudo yum install akmod-rt2870

Note: Step 4 is going to eat up lots of disk space.

Get help section is redundant to Sugar_help page

This help section should perhaps be moved to the general Sugar_help page, or be limited specifically to help with Sugar-on-a-Stick, and be cross-referenced to that page. There's a lot of redundant information here.

Also, Is the answers portal still recommended for use? The Sugar_help page doesn't link there or suggest its use.