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Please maintain these pages

To those entering alternate installations and experimental images: please try to organize and integrate the page for the new reader.

  • Sort the information for readers from beginner to advanced.
  • Delete information that is out of date or, if it is significant, link to it on an historical page.
  • If you have entered information, please don't abandon it to the confusion of others. Please use your experience to organize and maintain the information so others can rapidly reach a higher level of understanding of the subject matter.
Updated this page feb 03 2013 - satellit

Install on a USB device

(2-GB or larger USB storage device needed to run VirtualBox Images)

One could modify the instructions at VMware#One_8-GiB_stick_with_2_partitions

  • Download VirtualBox OSE program, and install instead of VMPlayer.
  • Boot PC from stick, and run images on same or 2nd stick.

VirtualBox appliance derived from SoaS Mirabelle

updated 13 Oct 2010

This appliance has a traditional, non-compressed filesystem and was built by using ZyX-LiveInstaller on a SoaS Mirabelle image. (It does not simulate the stock Sugar on a Stick image with its LiveOS image with a compressed filesystem, SquashFS, for the operating system files and an optional overlay and home folder for persistence.)

These Activities have been updated: Physics-6, Record-79, Write-70, Turtle Art-99

Download these 3 files: For the first 2 files, you may need to right click and select 'Save link as...' or 'Save Target As...' because they open directly into the browser.

  • Start VirtualBox
  • In the top-left corner of the application menu bar:
    File -> Import Appliance...
    Note: The Import Option is not available on the OSE version of VirtualBox.
Import option is available in VirtualBox 4.0.4 (which is ose)
  • Click the <Choose...> button to find the 3 downloaded files.
    select: soas-v3-Mirabelle-zyx.ovf
    then click 'Next'
  • Appliance Import Settings window appears:
  • Double click on the Guest OS Type row and the right column is a dropdown selection panel. Change the value to OS: Linux Version: Fedora (from Other/unknown)
  • Agree to GPL license and click the 'Finish' button.
  • The Import process progress meter will appear, and then the new virtual machine named soas-v3-Mirabelle-zyx2 will appear in your VirtualBox virtual machine list.
  • Click the start button or double click the machine name to start your virtual machine with Sugar.
    • The first boot experience (of selecting a learner name and color set) can be recreated by erasing the /user/liveuser/.sugar/default/owner.key & .../ files from this machine before distribution.
    • Can the default window size be set to simulate an XO at 832x624 pixels? Do we have a license to distribute images with Guest Additions installed?
    • I found a base memory setting of 802 MB RAM. This may be too high for older computers. --FGrose 13:02, 14 October 2010 (EDT)

You may create you own virtual machine beginning with an .iso image of Sugar on a Stick

Virtualbox 3.2.1 on 16GB Toshiba USB Running Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

This is a nice portable solution for a full Gnome Desktop and Sun Virtualbox 3.2.1 (works with Hp Pavillion "Vista"Notebook) I use it to create .vdi Hard Disk images for soas-v2-Blueberry

  1. install Ubuntu 9.10 [1] from CD to 16GB Toshiba USB (It will run on 8GB USB but very little room left for images)
  2. setup wireless networking
  3. Download VirtualBox: [2]
  4. Install Virtualbox

Have Fun! satellit 12/19/2009

Sugar not booting

I got Sugar to boot under VirtualBox 2.X / MacOS 10.5 following the recommended procedure. With VirtualBox 3.X something seems to be broken. Neither my old VDI nor a newly downloaded one will proceed to more than that black screen. Sad!

But don't despair: You need to get the installation ISO (380 MB) from the downloads page (Sugar on a Stick/Downloads). Add this as the CD-ROM to your virtual machine and set the first boot volume to this CD-ROM. Now Sugar works as before!

I want to give a response to the "Setup a Virtual Machine for Sugar on a Stick" (Mac Os)

I´ve installed the VirtualBox from step 1 - 6 and then i setup a virtual machine. I´ve watched the streamcast about that and i´ve done everything similar to the cast.

The Virtual Box starts, he wants to boot and then there´s a black window for hours ....

Does somebody have an idea what i´ve done wrong or what´s the problem about booting?

Greetings thor.sten