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Install using Anaconda f18 RC4 DVDx86_64

Recommended References

Fedora Installation Guide for f18

Very complete discussion of options

Installation Quick Start Guide

Less detailed instructions on how to install f18

This tutorial uses a booted dd to USB of the DVD.iso

Updated Jan 06 2013
This install is used when you want to install a fedora 18 desktop to a hard-disk;
A similar but simpler installer is entered in booted Live CD's using the command liveinst in root sugar-terminal(su) or other root terminal.
this differs from the installer on fedora 17 or older versions
  • A major feature of f18 is the development of newUI a new anaconda.

write installer USB with dd

  • Insert USB
  • Start root terminal in directory where Fedora-18-x86_64-DVD.iso is located
  • determine USB device name:
[root@localhost RC1]#
/dev/sdb1 on /run/media/(user)/Fedora 18 x86_64 type iso9660  (ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,mode=0400,dmode=0500,uhelper=udisks2)
  • write USB:
[root@localhost RC1]# dd if=Fedora-18-x86_64-DVD.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=2M
2180+0 records in
2180+0 records out
4571791360 bytes (4.6 GB) copied, 1306.78 s, 3.5 MB/s
[root@localhost RC1]# 

Start Installer

If you select: Test this media & and install Fedora (the default) there will be 4 minute or longer wait as file checking is done ( xx% completion will show)
Install Fedora (top line) has no delay.
check the box to set the keyboard to match your language selection if non-uS keyboard

Anaconda main Hub

WAIT until Installation source and software selection checking finishes before clicking on any spokes otherwise installer may hang.
  • When it finishes:
Click on each section (spoke) to change or set your choices
click [Done] to return to main Hub
F-18-12-main anaconda hub.png

Storage (Disk Selection) then [DONE]

  • Select Disk or USB you want to install to (It will change color to blue)
  • To format the disk or reclaim space; click on [Continue] in right bottom of installer screen
NOTE: Disk selection filters out non-selected Disks and makes them invisible to the installer
A booted dd USB will show on initial selection screen DO NOT Select it.
  • If the Install target is empty you can skip the next step; If you want a default LVM install
Select the Target (changes color (Blue)
Click [Back}

Reclaim Space

  • Used for Custom partitioning
Click on [Continue] at right bottom of window
  • Select the Partitioning type first

[+] partition scheme drop down box click > [+]

Standard Partition
LVM (default)


[ X ]"I don't not need help: Let me customize disk partitioning"

  • Click on this link ^ to Take you to Custom and Raid Partitioning
(box is Checked)

[ ]"I don't not need help: Let me customize disk partitioning"

Not Checked
[Reclaim space]
Reclaim Disk space window
shows disk partitions with drop down boxes - default is Preserve click on Preserve; get dropdowns Preserve; Delete
select your choice
Note in latest anaconda (18.37-11) the selections are now located on the bottom line of the reclaim window.

RC1-6.png RC1-7.png

When finished [Reclaim space] returns to main Hub
  • Click [Done] to return to main hub

Main Hub

F-18-12-main anaconda hub.png

Software Selection and [Done]

  • select left column (Environment) and right Column (Add-ons)
Gnome-desktop is default
scroll down left column and select the Desktop Environment you want to install
Note this is a screenshot from RC1 netinstall
RC1 DVD has fewer options (No mate or cinnamon)
Wait for Checking software dependencies to finish

Network Configuration and [Done]

  • recognizes wired DHCP connections if present
  • Wireless will show up if wlan0 is visible and supported
[Configure] to set up either connection.

Time Zone select and [Done]


Begin Installation

Appears when all warnings for unfinished spokes are gone

Root Password

  • Appears after install begins
F18-17-root pswd.png
  • Enter password on both lines and hit [back]
hit [back] a second time for a weak password.
If the root password is not entered during install; anaconda will pause at the greyed out [Finish Configuration] until it is entered.
Once the root password is entered [Finish Configuration] appears and the install will complete.
Wait for [Reboot], (or [Quit] if live), when install is completed.

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