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some of the older versions listed here ^ may be security risks- for archive purposes only

f19 live Respins

  • updated f19 live.isos

How to Upgrade to f19 from f18

  • 2-)Tested-install f18 from one of these files:
Default gnome install - this is fully updated due to netinstall
  • Update to f19
Root terminal-2448 files
yum distro-sync --releasever=19 --nogpgcheck --skip-broken

F18-f19 distro-sync upgrade.png

  • elad: (IRC GIMPNet #fedora-desktop)
  • adamw: #fedora-qa 03/28/2013


Install multiple Desktops

  • Updated 05/20/2013

F19-BetaTC4 netinstall software selection.png

This screenshot is from an earlier Beta TC4 version
  • Boot f19 Beta-RC4 Netinstall x86_64
Scroll down in the left column to Basic Desktop and choose the 4 Desktops listed in the right column.


  • gnome-classic-session is a reprise of a psudo gnome2 desktop.
It is not installed by default in f19 desktop installs
  • In root terminal of gnome3:
# yum install gnome-classic-session
  • Mate Desktop (see below) is another alternative to gnome3

mate 1.6 released

release announcement and features
  • In root terminal of gnome3:
# yum install @mate-desktop
netinstall in f19 has 1.6.0 Mate
Choose Mate in software selection in anaconda

Pxeboot Install

"boot Anaconda and install the system by direct kernel+initrd boot. That can be achieved either by using PXE boot or by booting the kernel directly in a virtual machine."

  • PXE install booting in KVM
A PXE boot menu

Pxe1.png Pxe2.png

  • spstarr #fedora-qa

Soas-f19 Sugar on a Stick v9 Avocado

Updated 8/16/2013
A Sugar on a stick version for f19 that boots and installs from a live cd to USB/HD/VirtualBox
sugar 0.98.8
fedora-release f19

  • Live CD boots directly into sugar
(Name______) (>Next) (Color_____) (>Done)
Goes to f3 Home screen
For Details go to: Introduction to the Sugar Interface


"su" switches to root terminal [#____]
  • Install with "liveinst" in root sugar terminal
See Below

Soas-f19-img file

  • Install with liveinst - "Custom formatting of USB"
/ ext4 3 GB + swap 500 MB
Root password=sugarroot
user=sugar; password=sugaruser
  • Sugar name and color not set
Make .img file with dd

NOTE Use mount command to confirm device name for mounted USB eg: /dev/sdb; /devsdc; /dev/sdd...etc

This is very important as you can distroy your hard disk if you use the wrong device name.
dd if=/dev/sdb of=Soas-f19-i686.img bs=2M
1850+1 records in
1850+1 records out
3880452096 bytes (3.9 GB) copied, 230.609 s, 16.8 MB/s
Write .img file with dd
This can be repeated as many times as needed for multiple duplication of USB's
dd if=Soas-f19-i686.img of=/dev/sdb bs=2M

VirtualBox.pngSoaS VirtualBox Appliance

  • Download and import this file into VirtualBox:
http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/fedora_live_SoaS_x86_524-DL.ova 781M
  • Root=sugarroot
  • User= sugar password= sugaruser
lightdm login will display
Blank Bar (enter login: sugaruser)
  • Boots to (Name_____) and (Color_____) then f3 Home sugar screen
How to add your user to the vboxusers group
  • Required to allow USB access to sugar
(This cannot be done from gnome or KDE users)
sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers username
In this case it will be:
sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers sugar

Install to HD or USB/SD

  • Installs with "liveinst"command in root; sugar-terminal
(hidden in the bottom of the list view of the F3 home view as terminal)
list view is in top right corner of top bar; click on the icon (stacked horizontal lines)


Install Sugar-desktop 0.98.7 in another f19 desktop

Root terminal #
yum install @sugar-desktop sugar-emulator
  • XO-hover menu: My Settings/ About my Computer


  • F3 (home)


  • F1 Network Neighbourhood with XO-hover menu activated.


  • Most activities work
  • Not working:
ruler 27 https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=957194
Memorize 43 https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=957206
Physics 11 cursor freezes
Write 79 "failed to start"

Fedora 19 anaconda installer

Older version used for this tutorial

No longer available to download
This section needs to be updated for Alpha TC3 --Satellit 09:13, 29 March 2013 (EDT)
Boots fine and installs to VirtualBox
Installs to USB HD from dd usb
dd if=Fedora-19-Nightly-20130129.10-x86_64-Live-xfce.iso of=/dev/sd(x) bs=2M
Use "mount" in terminal to see device name /dev/sd(x) x=b,c,d,,,
  • Annotated screen-shots 01/31/2013
NOTE this is a live install so there are less options on the main hub
log in to wireless AP in while running live CD
Values will be added to install


check the box to set the keyboard to match your language selection if using non-uS keyboard



Main Hub


Date & Time

  • NOTE: This function is now repeated in Gnome-initial-setup and initial-setup in f19 Alpha anaconda 04/25/2013


Installation Destination


full disk summary & options


Installation Options

Partition Scheme


Customize partition of the disks


Manual Partitioning


  • Automatic selected



  • You can edit each partition for file type and label
  • IF 2 or more disks were selected in "Installation Destination" Raid would be available
(grub will be installed on the disk selected in set as boot device screen)


Finish partitioning


Begin Installation

  • Enter root password
(Back 2 times)
  • Enter User and password (In f19 Alpha anaconda 04/25/2013)
(Back 2 times)


  • screenshots


  • screenshots

Enter root password and user with password

  • click link ^ for details
set Timezone; then as you are installing; enter root password and user with password in anaconda if installing gnome3 using the anaconda included in f19 Beta.
gnome-initial-setup will then bypass these steps
Do NOT enter user in anaconda if installing gnome3 using the anaconda included in builds prior to f19 Alpha.
gnome-initial-setup will create the user.
BUG: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=929289
If you enter a user in anaconda; you will have to create a 2nd user later.


new write up on Anaconda Installer
Draft version 04/11/2013
Info on when and how to file a Bug
Contains latest build .rpm files

Sugar Test Cases for #fedora-qa


sugar0.88 on CentOS 6

  • Early unsuccessful work to try to install sugar on CentOS
Too many missing dependencies

gnome.org Summer Of Code2013 ideas


Fedora wiki page
  • mozzila certutil (from irc):
"i tried to import the cacert.org root, mainly for use in chrome
chrome uses mozilla's nss database, but for some reason that isn't shared with firefox, so just 
importing in firefox doesn't work
the trick is to set NSS_DEFAULT_DB_TYPE="sql" before running those commands from the chromium wiki page.
chrome stores all the other certs somewhere else, though. the nss db was empty
check your $home folder for .pki folder
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/pki/nss/tools/certutil.html should also be a good read."

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