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Re Hardware requirements.

I shall add a paragraph mentioning that 2 GB is the min. recommended size for a flash drive for SoaS. I have noticed the following documentation will require an alteration to reflect this.

There may be more.
./ --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 300 --home-size-mb 175 --delete-home --unencrypted-home /path/to/source.iso /dev/sd?1 

which at first sight I would change to:

./ --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 500 --home-size-mb 900 --delete-home --unencrypted-home /path/to/source.iso /dev/sd?1

I am minded to have this deliberately a little too large to draw a newcomer's attention to its existence, but I do not have the experience to make this judgement. Done

Depending on the size of your USB stick, you may have to decrease --overlay-size-mb and --home-size-mb values ...