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==Details view==
==Details view==
* Favorite star hit target too small to easily touch

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System wide

  • Hide pointer cursor when touch screen interaction is occurring, reveal if/when mouse or trackpad is used
  • Palette hover/click behaviours
    • Single tap of a button with a primary action should _not_ trigger hover delay palette content (to prevent toolbar palettes and help hints obscuring UI after use)
    • Touch and hold _should_ trigger full display of palette content (like a right click, no extra delay)
    • Tapping an icon with no primary action should instantly open the full menu/palette, no delay (e.g. Frame right edge buddy icon/s)
  • Hide all keyboard shortcut accelerators when booting on touch only devices
  • Make toolbar overflow drop-down widget a standard sugar toolbutton width to allow easier access
  • Up/down menu overflow UI too thin (hard to scroll up, gtk combo widget needs work here)


  • Touch and hold on an activity icon should open the full palette (like a right click)
  • Touch dragging on an activity icon should allow that entry to be dragged to the bottom Journal pane UI for copying to another location
  • Touch dragging up/down on the canvas should smooth scroll the Journal list
  • Touching the Sort view toolbar icon while the palette is already visible, should dismiss the palette (should use this behaviour system wide)
  • Single touching a combo widget (e.g. Anything, Anytime) should lock open the menu for easier discovery (touching and dragging is a nice quick way to access an item but less obvious)
  • Combo widgets don't behave nicely if the current item selection is near the bottom of the menu, scrolling up is awkward, should show as many items as we can rather than lots of blank space when near the bottom of the list


Favourite view

  • Instantly open the large central buddy XO icon palette when clicking/tapping
  • Add new grid layout?
  • Maximise Activity icon size for finger friendliness
  • Disable Activity icon dragging for fixed layouts, or fully implement feature
  • Activity palette start rework... (temporally might want to remove primary start action and just expose the full palette on click/tap)

List view

  • Scrolling
  • Favourite star hit behaviour

Neighborhood view

  • Remove primary action from AP icons
  • Remove primary action from ad-hoc icons
  • Invoke ad-hoc, AP, Activity, Buddy palettes on single touch
  • Remove primary action from shared Activities


  • Frame expose/hide gesture (swipe in from any screen edge, swipe out over any screen edge)
  • Hide keyboard shortcut hint accelerators
  • Hide/expose on screen keyboard. Show one or other, not both at the same time
  • Access Point device palette does not respond to touch events

Group view

  • Remove primary action from shared Activities
  • Invoke Buddy palette on single touch

Details view

  • Favorite star hit target too small to easily touch