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  • New DVD.iso, (WARNING 4.2GB File) Updated for Mirabelle
  • For "sneakernet" and behind firewall installs.
  • Only requires 1 download, can be copied locally for a complete build environment for SOAS.
  • Contains .iso files and instructions needed to create Soas USB's plus a majority of the .xo files from ASLO for installing activities by drag-drop into the sugar Journal.
  • Wiki Page http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Creation_Kit


  • Email: satellit@bendbroadband.com

Current Status

  • 2nd version, updated for Mirabelle



  • 06/04/2010 Requested for Feature status in next version of Soas on [SOAS] list
  • Updated design:(06/07/2010)
  • The result of preliminary discussion on lists on just what it should contain



soas meeting 06/21/2010

  • Not going to be a feature of Soas
  • Apply elsewhere for Project Status (sugarlabs)
  • pbrobinson likes my Introduction to Mirabelle wiki page

Older Notes

  • pbrobinson has objections to size of DVD, and will not recomend it as a Soas Feature in it's present form.
  • I wonder if I should alternatively Request Project Status for the SugarCreationKit DVD

and keep it in house at sugarlabs ? 06/09/2010

  • final Mirabelle LinuxTag PR ;


Thomas Gilliard, a Sugar Labs contributor, said, "The Sugar Creation Kit turns any PC into a Sugar on a Stick generating station. Tools and documentation are gathered on one disk; busy teachers don't have to hunt down anything. This makes it possible to work via 'sneaker net' and in a classroom behind a firewall."

Visitors to LinuxTag are invited to meet Sugar Labs contributors at Hall 7.2a, Booth 115.

Detailed Description


Benefit to Sugar

How to test

User Experience

Hi Tom,

Sebastian has asked that the SoaS Creation Kit be renamed since it is not part of the Fedora Sugar on a Stick project. Tom has gone with "Sugar Creation Kit" which has the merit of avoiding an acronym ;-)


However, as the entire purpose and goal of the kit is to simplify the creation of Sugar on a Stick

We want to talk about both Mirabelle and the Creation Kit in the LinuxTag PR. I propose to have a draft ready in a few hours,

Sean Daly 06/07/2010


This looks Great! Few tweaks. The References and Floss Manuals Folder should be split up makes for easier read and follow.


I would then like to add an additional Folder-Sugar and Joining the Community.

<not-done yet>

This Folder would contain:(Will bring up in Marketing and SoaS Meetings this week) PDF's explaining Sugar Visual of Software Stack PDF-How To Become a Sugar Developer(Links to Key Resource Pages) PDF-How To Become an Activity Developer (Links to Key Resource Pages) History of OLPC/Sugar Relationship-The Forming of Sugar Labs PDF OLPC Deployments PDF Sugar on a Stick Deployments PDF with Links to Sugar/OLPC Mailing Lists PDF with Links to Communication Channels and How to Use IRC PDF with Features that have not been taken up but could use work PDF with Activities that need help/Maintaining. PDF with Bug Tracking/Testing Screeshots instructions PDF with Links to Sugar Presentations


In creating these materials the mind set must be around 3rd and 4th Grade Teachers, Students, and Parents being able to follow along. This is not meant to replace what is in the Wiki, it's to help those who do not have the connectivity set-up and create something that you can easily hand out(at low cost) that creates Sugar Enablers.

Thanks for Everyone's Help!

John Tierney Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 06:17:24 -0700


Here's the two pdfs in Mirabelle colours. I'm not sure the difference between "Sugar Demo" and "Sugar on a Stick Creation Kit", sounds like "Sugar Demo" should stay with a CD badge, or has the live image got that huge? I'm also confused about the eps files and how they are used, they are almost identical to the below except for some extra text up top (some of which is outside the printable page). Do you need them both converted as well. Sorry I'm not a CD DVD person, never printed a label in my life (or burned more than a handful of disks).

Gary C Martin 06/04/2010


This looks really good, but I would like to see more items starting with "How to....." for all the "teacher-types" out there. Let's make it really easy for them to embrace Sugar by including clear, easy to understand instructions and making them easy to find.


Caryl Bigenho 06/06/2010


Hi Thomas,

I have had chance to Burn and look at SoaS Creation Kit09. Since I handed out version07 to the Computers & Writing Group I was hoping to supply them with an image of the additions and changes that went into Version09. ......snip...... You have done a Great Job putting these pieces of the puzzle in place, with a little polishing we will have a True Tool to turn people into Sugar Enablers. The great thing about the DVD is after you receive it and copy files to your computer becoming a Sugar on a Stick Creation Station, you can pass it on to others, encouraging them to do the same.

Thanks So Much!

John Tierney 06/03/2010


Thank you! I am going to try to make a copy to give to Scott Dowdle, the president of the Bozeman LUG tomorrow when I go to town. They have an XO lending library and he did a lot of things with the club last summer when Strawberry first came out. Caryl


I am attending a Computer and Writing Conference at Purdue May 20-22, with a Sugar Workshop scheduled for May 22nd and will be handing out a CD/DVD set to about 300 John Tierney 05/28/2010


On #sugar IRC: 05/14/2010

<satellit_> for Soas it is nice to ship extra activities in 2nd ASLO USB and run them by clicking on listing in second USB

<walterbender> is there a use case?

<satellit_> Easy to update list of activities on 2nd stick <satellit_> then play them in your Soas (Stick) <satellit_> * that is how I am testing activities (140+ activities fit on 1 GB USB)

<satellit_> * If you like the activity you drag-drop it into journal.... <satellit_> works nicely with SugarClone also <walterbender> well, on Mirabelle there are not many activities in /usr/share, are there? <satellit_> no that is actually a plus.... <satellit_> I am running soas RC3 now on USB it works nicely <satellit_> Sean should use that as sales pitch <satellit_> * like installing features in windows Office. <walterbender> I don't think he knows...


Release Notes

Comments and Discussion