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Currently the Wiki is undergoing a reorganization to make it more community centric. We are dividing the responsibility of sugar between several team. It might seem odd having a team with one or even zero members. With proper nurturing, we should have a healthy community

In Progress

Not Started

TranslationTeam SugarLove - portal to the developer section of the community. Does anyone have a better name? More to come--time permitting

Wiki Infrastructure

  • add svg upload support
  • add whatever plugins are needed to support GoogleTrans-en and GoogleTrans-es
  • edit Mediawiki:Sidebar menu to remove "Random page" and add FAQ, rename "Current events" to News
  • Wiki-barnraising, harmonization of familiar and useful templates, plug-ins, extensions (e.g. traclink,etc.) from OLPC wiki.

Pages Needing Love

Here is a list of pages which are incomplete or even contain just a discussion. We need to improve them as soon as possible to get more people involved by increasing the transparency of our infrastructure, code and processes.

See the Community TODO list for more thing that need doing.